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NEWS   Hood Headlinaz "Still Headlinin" Coming Soon!
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play hi-fi  P.R.G. - Bubble or Box
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Buy! Paper Route Recordz Presents - Hood HeadlinazPaper Route Recordz Presents - Hood Headlinaz

Paper Route Recordz debut album released in 2004 titled Hood Headlinaz featuring Dawgy Baggz, Mali Boi, Mata, Jhi-Ali, Gunt 1/3, Chico 2000, Big P.O.P.E., Sabastian Cayne, Rubbabandz, Untamed, Jackie Chain, G-Side, Ala-B, B. Dewitt, 6 Tre G, Mr. Cooley & Mr. Marcellus with production handled by Block Beataz.

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Buy! DJ Sir Swift & Alabama Phat Boiz - Supply & DemandDJ Sir Swift & Alabama Phat Boiz - Supply & Demand

DJ Sir Swift teaming up with PRGz & Slow Motion to bring you Alabama Phat Boiz with the best of the best on one cd! Featuring: Dawgy Baggz, Mali Boi, G-Side, C.P., X.O. (Mata, Jhi-Ali & Gunt 1/3), Big P.O.P.E., J-Sib, Mr. Marcellus, T.I., Money Addict, B. Dewitt & Lil' St. Lois. Production by the one an only Block Beataz!

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Buy! B.O.S.S. - Key 2 Da CityB.O.S.S. - Key 2 Da City

H.N.I.C. Dawgy Baggz teamed up with rapper & producer Mali Boi forming super-group B.O.S.S. Exculisvely released to featuring guest appearances from Jackie Chain, Mr. Marcellus, Mr. Cooley, Lil' St. Lois, G-Side, Loco, Pluck, Untamed (A.C. Burna & Prime Time), Laponne, Rubbabandz, Ready Boi, Big P.O.P.E., Sabastian Cayne, Hennessy, Chico 2000, Throwed Off Click, Money Addict, B. Dewitt, Poe Boi, Tam-Tam, TNT, X.O. (Mata, Jhi-Ali & Gunt 1/3), Rudi DeVille & Short Change. With B.O.S.S. Key 2 Da City an production handled by Mali Boi this is a defenite classic for the streets!

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Buy! Mata - LIFE: Based On A True StoryMata - L.I.F.E... Based On A True Story

The album that started it all Mata's LIFE: Based On A True Story putting North Alabama on the map. With old time classics Hustlers featuring South P.A.W. (Sabastian Cayne & Big P.O.P.E.) and Dawgy Baggz about their hustlin' times in the Hunstville streets. Weed smokin' anthem Let Me Light It with Mata's melodic flow and harmony this song will have you hypnozited before you get high!

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Buy! Mata - The Dreadman Vol. IMata - The Dreadman Vol. I

Mata's second release The Dreadman Vol. I featuring appearances from Jhi-Ali, Gunt 1/3, Dawgy Baggz, Mr. Cooley, Mali Boi & Mr. Marcellus. Production handled by The Block Beataz. Also presenting group X.O. with Mata, Jhi-Ali & Gunt 1/3 on songs Bitches, They Don't Like Me, Who We Be, & Fie Mouth Piece. Also only available on the album is BONUS track Act An Ass

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Buy! Mata - The Dreadman Vol. IIMata - The Dreadman Vol. II

Mata's third & best release yet The Dreadman Vol. II featuring hits The Streets with M.P., Mali Boi & Big P.O.P.E. and Hola also with Mali Boi & Big P.O.P.E.. A long with appearances from X.O. (Mata, Jhi-Ali & Gunt 1/3), Jackie Chain, Dawgy Baggz, Mr. Marcellus, S.T. 2 Lettaz, Rubbabandz & Frank Nitty an production done by Block Beataz. One of the best releases to come out in 2006, must have this!!

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Buy! Jhi-Ali - My WayJhi-Ali - My Way

Jhi-Ali with his long awaited solo mixtape My Way with the self titled hit single My Way being released years ago, also having an underground video made for it. Jhi-Ali is also a member of triple-threat group X.O. with members Mata a.k.a. The Dreadman & Gunt 1/3, X.O. is in the studio now prepping their debut release titled Errday and already gaining attention from new songs Guap & Errday. With hits All Get's Old, My Way & Rollin' featuring Jackie Chain

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Buy! Money Addict - learn Me Vol. 1Money Addict - Learn Me Vol. 1

Money Addict a.k.a. The Underboss with his strictly for the streets record Learn Me The Mixtape with production done by The Block Beataz and guest appearnces from: Dawgy Baggz, Jhi-Ali, Rubbabandz, R.W.J., Pluck, Untamed (A.C. Burna & Prime Time), Mata, Mali Boi, Mr. Marcellus, B. Dewitt, Frank Nitty & 9Mane. Learn Me The Mixtape features street hits Break Ya Face with Untamed & Pluck & Yean Gon Like Dat, plus 16 more tracks taking you through Money Addict's life of hard time hustlin' & his Hood Celebrity lifestyle!

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