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NEWS   Very excited to be jumping into the next finishing phase of finishing and preparing for distribution of next, possibly next two albums of chart topping new better very new music from the last 1100 days during life changing forever alternating the forever learning experiences of yours Industrially & truly.
...I do hope you enjoy phYVe from the talents of IndustriaLord Anthony E. Barr
The Cool Bat Crew (instr)
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Simple video for instr version of my song The Cool Bat Crew
Tell Me
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IndustriaLord Anthony E. Barr
is releasing his 5th album *phyve*
Summer 2015

Why this name?
It's the name that stuck when I began creating many websites and making music, among other things.
Do you play live?
I am taking the steps I need & speaking with people about what exactly I need to do as I would love get on stage here in Denver soon. A lot of great music here.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Definitely elevates it however artists seem to now have to rely solely on live shows for income but I am loving how much more talent is now exposed because of internet ??
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Band History:
I was born in Englewood, CO but raised in the small town of Sidney, NE . At 19 I moved to Denver to go to college. I studied Environmental Graphic Design but only for a year. I wanted to go to a music school instead but life happened so I've learned alot on my own and continue to learn. I've loved music all my life but I would have to say my official moment when I began serious writing was in 1995 in Bakersfield, CA. .. I was twenty and I remember sitting at a picnic table in a park there. I was malnourished, broke with no job, and far from home but I was finding a deeper artistic side of myself that I'd been searching for.
Your influences?
Peter Murphy
Trent Reznor
Andrew Eldritch
Robert Smith
Favorite spot?
Gdansk Poland
Denver, CO
Equipment used:
Korg KP3
Arturia mini-lab
Ableton Live 8
whatever I can find
Anything else...?
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