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When I Look at You
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Written for my wife, who sometimes looks at what's undone, and considers herself a failure.
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Christopher M Solaas
The Gift
Sat Feb 14, 2009
Pop : Contemporary Christian
Take charge
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About the song
I wrote this song to tell my wife what I see when I look at her. Not a Failure, but a rare and precious gem.

Hope this is an encouragement to all Moms out there, that you have worth and value, far above rubies.
When I Look At You
(C)2009 Christopher M Solaas

The kids are fighting with each other
One is crying for his mother
You rush to stop the battle once again
Unfinished laundry in the hall
A salesman has the nerve to call
The dinner burns, your nerves are wearing thin

Oh, you give and give and give until
You’re just a weary empty shell
Then Daddy’s home
And you have to give some more
Not a single thing you touch will shine,
You’re interrupted all the time
If nothing’s done, then whatcha tired for?

When you look at you, you only see failure
The sink full of dishes, the laundry undone,
The unruly kids, the three-alarm dinner
The dirt on the walls and your toddler son.
But when I look at you, I see a loving mother
Who gives of herself, faithful and true
A rare and precious gem, unlike any other
That’s what I see when I look at you.

It’s time to pack them in the van
To haul them to the church again
The gas tank’s dry one tire is looking low
One’s missing shoes, one has to go
One HAS to have her pink hairbow
It’s enough to make you think of staying home

So you close your eyes and start to pray
But an argument gets in the way
So you start the car and begin to pray again
But this neverending ride you’re on
Doesn’t even stop from dusk till dawn
And it doesn’t seem like you can ever win.

When you look at you, you see only failure
You’re never on time, wherever you go
The half-naked kids, the fussing and fighting
The whispers and stares from the people you know
But when I look at you, I see a prayer warrior
A mother who cares, and lives out the truth
Praised in time to come, worth far above rubies
That’s what I see, when I look at you.
That’s what I see, when I look at you.