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dan eckes
Reshard Watson
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play hi-fi  06 Don't know why ( Norah Jones) 1
play hi-fi  Without Question (Codie's Song) 1
play hi-fi  12 HIde your Love Away (Beatles) 1
play hi-fi  05 And I love Her 2
play hi-fi  08 Da' Funk
play hi-fi  New York New York
play hi-fi  06 Cover Incense Peppermints Strawbe
play hi-fi  02 Cover Blackwater Doobies
play hi-fi  Cover Ticket to Ride The Beatles
play hi-fi  Lynn Eeks at the piano
I started writing songs when I was a teenager, but mostly performed pop rock and Jazz in local Wisconsin clubs and at parties.
Also worked with a 3pc jazz group with my brother, The Restaurant's (Stevens Point) 'house band' friday nights for a long while. Played Bass, and drums (Randy Charles).

Moved to Chicago and started a 4 pc group called, "Once Again", we did pop rock, disco and Jazz rock for private parties, weddings and lounges. Bass and guitar and vocals and arranged most songs.

Moved back to Marshfield Wisconsin early 80's, joined up with the 3 pc 'Dave Edwards Group', pop, rock, country group. played drums and sang vocals.

Now living in Parrish, Florida, Tampa area, mostly self entertaining musician, Keyboards, guitar, bass and vocals. Yamaha synths, Epiphone guitars, and Fostex 8 track recorder. Midi composition mostly.

Here's just a few little ditties I threw together for fun and relaxation.
Do you play live?
Just play for myself and family to keep from going NUTS.
Your influences?
My brother, the absolutely best musician and pianist I've ever heard and certainly ever worked with. He's a musical Jazz Genius...Lynn Eckes!!
Musicians I love, David Benoit, Dave Grusin, David Foster...lotsa Davids'.
Earl Klugh, Pat Metheny, Lee Ritenour, Victor Wooten, Christian McBride, Boney James, Larry Carlton, Bob James, George Benson, Al Jarreau all my jazz favorites.
Rock Faves are Rush, Blind Faith, Steely Dan, Toto, Earth Wind and Fire and naturally, The Beatles.
Favorite spot?
Sarasota Florida by the Gulf of Mexico on Friday 'Jazz on the beach' nights.
Equipment used:
Yamaha S03 keyboard synth, guitars: Epiphone Les Paul, Fender Telecaster, an old Univox Strat copy for nostalgia sake, an Epiphone 4 string bass, and a Standel and Little Brute amplifiers. and Fostex 8 track recorder.
Anything else...?
I use Cakewalk for my DAW on my Desktop PC, ...I use CoolEditPro for some vocal add ins, and I enjoy working with MIDI...some restrictions to this medium but fun and easy to get used to...short learning curve...
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