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Musical Deviate
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play hi-fi  Nomophobia
play hi-fi  Hourglass
play hi-fi  Rolling In Clover
play hi-fi  Turn
play hi-fi  Waiting for Something
play hi-fi  Waterfall
play hi-fi  Slip Stream
play hi-fi  Spare Me
play hi-fi  Ruinosus
play hi-fi  GuitarSolo1
Check out our latest tune Nomophobia, Where's your phone? I bet you're touching it right now. We hope you enjoy this upbeat stab at the agony of loosing your phone. How long can you go before the symptoms set in?

Thank you for your support, making "Rolling In Clover" a Soundclick top 100 song in Alt-Rock and a top ten in "Alt Power Pop". We spent a lot of time and effort bringing this tune here and learned a lot along the way. Hopefully in the future, all of our musical endeavors will reflect a continuing improvement in appeal and quality, reflecting the lessons learned with each attempt.

L. A. Long keyboards, adding mostly synth and electronic sounds/effects. Mike Hanrahan contributes the guitar and rock sounds to the band.

For Spare Me, Pete Dannenfelser did the Bass guitar. Thanks Pete! Hopefully Pete will be on some of our future takes. Here's Pete's SC site, he has some great stuff as well: Sarcastic Jim

We hope you enjoy the tunes and thanks for listening!

Why this name?
We are striving for an unusual type of music structure and sound, hopefully a deviation from the normal.
Do you play live?
No, not yet. Maybe in the future but right now we are just happy to be recording.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It's great to be able to make tunes and be able to share them.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sure, um who wouldn't?
Band History:
Mike Hanrahan and I have been collaborating for a few years now working on some original tunes. We hope you enjoy our efforts.
Your influences?
Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Alan Parsons.
Equipment used:
L. A. Long: Roland (Fantom S-88), Roland (Juno-G), Roland SH-201, Alesis Andromeda (A6), Zoom (MRS-1266) home built computer.
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