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Icehole Sailors
Icehole Sailors
Hip Hop
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We are the carrot topped holograms that just want to support our savior, the supreme Cockamamie Eisenhower in her role as ascendent master
Why this name?
When we joined, we gave up our terrestrial names.
Do you play live?
All our lives are a play, and the world is a stage. All moments are special when you are icehole sailing
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has made it possible to share our love for icehole sailing with all people everywhere.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
We will do whatever will spread the good news of icehole sailing to the world.
Band History:
The Icehole Sailors came from Ireland to China, Tibet, India... we played, we conquered. We gave up our lives to Cockamamie Eisenhower, and it's mostly been peachy keen ever since. One slight speedbump in the rock and roll fast lane to the promised land; the rigors of our spiritiual practice caused our orignal guitarist and lead singer, Harvey Darger, to discend into catatonia and madness. We hope for his eventual recovery. Alzbuzzabob took his place, and contributed the brilliant work you hear on this site.
Your influences?
Pogues, Butthole Surfers, Nalts, Gene Chandler, Bill Bloom, icehole sailing, Cockamamie Eisenhower, REO Speedwagon
Favorite spot?
On a fast clipper in a hole chopped out of the ice, singing sea shanties
Equipment used:
A roomful of gear that we ran up a huge credit card debt to buy. It's the Icehole Sailor way.
Anything else...?
Renetto wishes he was an Icehole Sailor, but ultimately he is only Renetto
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