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KE Peace (USA)
KE Peace (USA)
Dawn and the Phoenix
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Chamber Orchestra of the Springs, 2012-13 Season, opening concert, opening piece. Written for COS by KE Peace, conducted by Maestro Thomas Wilson
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play hi-fi  forest scenes - long version
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play hi-fi  0rchestra: Sym1 mv2 'Pure Land'
play hi-fi  0rchestra: Sym1 mv3 'Nigredo'
play hi-fi  0rchestra: Sym1 mv4 'Beloved'
play hi-fi  0rchestra: Sym1 mv5 'Union'
play hi-fi  0rchestra: Sym2 mv1 'In the Womb'
play hi-fi  0rchestra: Sym2 mv2 'The Garden of Innocence'
play hi-fi  Sinfonietta No. 1 in C minor
play hi-fi  Orchestra: Sinfonietta No. 5 in Eb Major
I write symphonic, small ensemble and choral music, in multiple styles from medieval through modern classical. The music you hear on my pages is created with Finale notation software and Garritan Personal Orchestra sound samples.

All pieces have a traditional score associated with them; if you are interested in any piece for possible performance, please contact me for details on scoring, instrumentation, pricing, etc.

Recent Concert:

Note: a finished DVD is in the works -- below are semi-raw video clips. Look here for info on the finished DVD, when available.

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I enjoy many kinds of music for listening - rock, pop, jazz, world, and classical of all periods. I am interested also in the fusion of art, poetry, dance, video, and ritual with music, music as a healing force and have been a music volunteer in the hospice setting.
Why this name?
Hey, it's my name, you know? :-)
Do you play live?
No, I play dead (but only when threatened). ;-) Seriously, not usually. Occassionally I'll sing somewhere or pick up a guitar for friends, or perform some original music for a local church service. However, I do perform live in my garage-cum-concert hall frequently.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Oh, vastly -- you can find so much good music so easily, much of it free. It's like being a kid in a candy shop!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Ummm...?? ask me if I'd love for a good orchestra to play some of my music!
Band History:
Wrote a little anti-war song in '72....wrote some music for church services in '78... applied to New England Conservatory for composition in '79 and was rejected.... was a music major at a state university for a semester or so; got bored and switched majors....got an MS in Computer Info Systems in '91... worked as a software engineer for 14 years... got very ill in 2002.... started composing when i had the energy... withstood the silence and disbelief when I called myself a "composer" thanks to stubbornness and the support of many friends and colleagues... wrote my first note of a symphonic piece around 2006, disregarding the little voice telling me that I "couldn't do that!!" .... and so on. :-)

Advice to anyone who wants to write: just keep at it; if it's not in you, you'll stop, but will have gained some life experience; if it is in you, you will not be able to live without it. Ask anyone who will listen for feedback. Keep your ego out of it and never stop being a student. Good luck!
Your influences?
The classical composers from medieval through contemporary. Rock groups with classical backgrounds (eg, Yes, Genesis, ELP, Jethro Tull, Kate Bush). Jazz. Blues. Gregorian chant and Hildegard of Bingen. Almost anything of quality within its genre could inspire me.
Favorite spot?
Boston, Boulder, CO and Colorado Springs, CO
Equipment used:
I use Finale and Garritan sample libraries for my work, and do the vast majority of my work sitting at the computer. I also use ProTools for recording audio, and am interested in MIDI and audio mastering. I have a Triton ProX sampling/MIDI keyboard, a Variax modeling guitar, and other acoustic instruments from guitars and a tanpura to various fun little percussion items, including two musical frogs.
Anything else...?
2012 - The Chamber Orchestra of the Springs opened their 2012-13 Season with the world premiere of my piece "Dawn and the Phoenix" (commissioned by the the orchestra)

One of three nominees for an Pikes Peak Arts Council Award (with the Chamber Orchestra) for Most Outstanding Performance by a Small Ensemble, for my Requiem perforrance

2011 - My Requiem was performed in Colorado Springs by the Chamber Orchestra of the Springs and Colorado Vocal Arts Ensemble, Maestro Thomas Wilson conducting (footage on youtube -- searrch "KE Peace Reqqiem"

Winner, 2009 Spirit of Moondance Award at the 2009 Moondance International Film Festival, Boulder, CO, for a selection of her orchestral music

Commissioned to set poetry to music for Colorado Vocal Arts’ Emsemble’s Voice Verse and Vision concert in April of 2010. Poem selected: Were Sysiphus to Discover the Glory of Dung by local poet P.D. Strohbridge. (Hear it on this website).

Performed at Blissfest 5 in benefit Angel Eyes, and at the Springs Philharmonic’s Sunday on the Town fundraiser.

Performed at Classically Alive potluck – original works and a selection from Haydn’s The Creation.
For my Spirit of Moondance for my orchestral music
Beatific Vision of Future Choral Libraries
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