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Jack Trudel is a songwriter and musician from San Francisco, California. To date, Jack has written over 250 songs in a variety of genres, with emphasis on pop, rock, and country. He is also a music producer and publisher. Jack has not only arranged and produced songs for artists and labels but secured publishing and licensing deals both in the United States and abroad.

Over 100 artists in the United States, Canada, England, Norway, Switzerland, Argentina, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, and New Zealand have recorded his songs. These artists include Anita Prime, Toby Humstad, Tammie Davis, Jason Phillips Band, Keren Gaiser, Lee Jones, Patty Speed, Magic Rage, March Hare Band, Corinne McKnight, PC and the Angels of Death, Brunette Barbies, and P.J. Bennett.

Many songs have been released by indie labels and performed in clubs and other venues such as SXSW and Rapids Jam Music Festival. One song received radio airplay in the United States and 14 countries. Three songs were featured on a syndicated radio show on 400 stations in 21 countries. Nine songs received airplay on college and Internet radio, including Pandora and Spotify.

Jack's tracks reflect an eclectic, yet mainstream appeal that often defy categorization within any single genre. In particular, Jack has received critical acclaim for his poignant lyrics and clever word play. His songs are filled with intimate stories, vivid images, and humorous anecdotes. One song received an honorable mention in the 14th Annual Billboard World Songwriting Contest.

Born and raised on American Top 40, Jack started writing songs at age 13. His approach to songwriting is to identify a phrase or idea and focus on the melody, which sets the mood and drives the lyrics. Although music and poetry are separate and distinct disciplines, Jack strives to combine infectious melodies with poetic lyrics to captivate both readers and listeners alike.
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