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play hi-fi  blank 3 prog - 23:02:2017 1728
play hi-fi  fretjam
play hi-fi  violiny
play hi-fi  fuzzyfuse
play hi-fi  jam in dorian
play hi-fi  slow jam
play hi-fi  althrax jam d7
play hi-fi  april fool jam
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play hi-fi  jazzion
i have been playing in this band about 7 years its called, off the hook, sometimes refered to as ,off there heads :),its a blues rock band and we keep busy on the pub and festival circuit
Do you play live?
we play in pubs and festivals or anywhere that will book us
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
i think it could totally change things and give people a chance to listen to what they want ,instead of getting dominated by record companies and fashion
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
maybe, but the terms would have to be right
Band History: for band info
Your influences?
blues rock and jazz
Favorite spot?
york, its a great town with a good music scene
Equipment used:
boogie mkIV and overwater and strat guitars, gibson 135, ibanez semi, laney vc 15.fender hotrod deluxe, takamine acoustic, toakai jazz bass, line 6 ux1, laptop
Anything else...?
gr1 guitar synth, tokai strat,
roadworn 72 tele
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