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“Music is passion. And grief. And healing. And sorrow. And happiness. In my way of thinking, A writer’s job is to tap into an emotion and provoke a response in a listener or reader,” says Chicago’s Vincent Truman.
Why this name?
"I wanted to call myself Ani DiFranco, not thinking for a million years the name would be taken. As it turned out, it was. So I became Vincent Truman."
Do you play live?
"Staged shows bore me a little - after you've done your first hundred, the outcome becomes a little predictable. I prefer to sit in with other groups or get a guest shot somewhere to planning it all out and trying to hype myself. There's something really plastic about that."
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
"The internet is great, because now I can be unheard by a greater number of people worldwide."
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
"I would not."
Band History:
Vincent Truman was formed in 1970. Despite the occasional threat of a break-up, Vincent has stayed together for over thirty years.
Your influences?
"Influences are hard to nail down. My easy, cop-out answer is 'air earth water fire.' I've always thought that a performer is a reflection of what's going on in something bigger and more important than the performer's head."
Favorite spot?
"My favorite city is San Francisco. My favorite spot is a bit personal to answer."
Equipment used:
"Whatever is in the room at the time."
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