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verb: to extend over an area from end to end;
to cover the gamut

When Chirodeep, Neel, Stuart and Taj got together back in 2003 to form a band one thing was just right – the vibe they shared. But there was one huge problem – their tastes in music was as varied as chalk and cheese. So what do they do? They start playing everything. Well, almost. Rock, Pop, Blues, Rock-n-Roll, Jazz – you name it, they play it. And for a band that spans so many genres, what better name than, well, Span.

So by the time Raja joined the band, Span was playing not just covers - well, they never did play the straight-out cover – they did their own take on all the great hits from different genres, and played something unique, and unmistakably Span. They also had, by then, started playing more and more of their own compositions.

Today, more than three years on, Span’s brand of music has evolved into a distinctive sound, with crowds clamouring as much for their versions of ever-popular tracks, as for their originals – be it I’ll Be Around, Try, Don’t You Worry or any other.

Between creating movie scores or music for theatre, and playing to packed crowds at stadium rock shows, clubs and pubs, Span performs at the Mecca of live music – Someplace Else, every Thursday.

About the members:

Chirodeep Lahiri: One of India’s most experienced drummers, Chiro has been performing for over 19 years. As a matter of fact, he played with Krosswindz for many years before forming Span. Chiro is also a member of Rhythmscape, celebrated tabla player Bikram Ghosh’s fusion percussion band.

Neel Adhikari: The lead vocalist of the band, Neel also chips in with the acoustic guitar. A well-known musician in the city’s music circuit, this ex-Krosswindz vocalist also makes jingles for radio and TV, apart from scoring music for plays and fashion shows.

Stuart Munro: The band’s bassist and backing vocalist, Stuart lives and breathes Blues and Jazz and is one of the most popular bassists in the city.

Raja Narayan Deb: Raja, the band’s keyboardist and backing vocalist, is one of the top music arrangers of the city, doing music for Advertisements, corporate and documentary films. He has also scored music for films such as Rituporno Ghosh’s Doshor.

Tajdar Junaid: Ace-guitarist, Taj, voted amongst the Top 5 musicians of the country by the popular music magazine RAVE, also scores music for telefilms,jingles and teaches at Kolkata’s top school for western music.Co-founder of Cognac,a leading alternative band from Calcutta which has performed in various places and won numerous awards.

Taking on life in their own unique way, and singing songs that reflect the changing times, Span is gearing up for a national tour following the release of their first album, on which they are currently working.

Should you like to know more about this multitalented band, or mail Taj at tajdarjunaid@gmail.com, Neel at neelmusicdirector@yahoo.co.uk.

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