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Sex With My Ex No Hook (FREE D/L)
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play lo-fi play hi-fi  Here We Go Yall!
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Evidentz - Twitter Killer (Produced By 2Deep of Sh
play lo-fi play hi-fi  West Side (Produced by Sinima of Shadowville)
play lo-fi play hi-fi  New Era - Evidentz Feat. Hoppin Rod & Maliki
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Ice Cream Man (Prod. by Hala-X of Shadowville)
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Money's Not A Problem
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Why People Talkin'?
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Who Am I To Tell You
play lo-fi play hi-fi  One Day
play lo-fi play hi-fi  Paper Boy (Hoppin Rod Feat. Evidentz)
"When you make music or write or create, it's really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible, condomless sex with whatever idea it is you're writing about at the time."

- Lady GaGa

"If we really are saying that rap is an art form, then we got to be more responsible for our lyrics. If you see everybody dying because of what you are saying, it dont matter that you didnt make them die, it just matters that you didnt save them."

- Tupac Shakur
Do you play live?
Not currently.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It allows for others to hear the music you have made as an artist and it gives you exposure, but hip-hop is a competitive industry, so it also adds up the amount of contenders you're going to go against.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Most likely, as long as I get to do what I want to do with my music.
Your influences?
2pac, Nas, Biggie, Eminem & D12, Lady GaGa, Michael Jackson, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Eazy E, DMX, Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Common, The Game, G-Unit & 50, NWA, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Ludacris, Big Pun, Jay-Z, all the people who have kept it real and brought something new to the genre. I love almost all types of music, as long as you can bring something new and creative to the table.
Favorite spot?
Sin City
Equipment used:
As of January 2008: AKG 100 Perception Microphone, Mic Stand, Pop Filter, MXL Mic Mate, Cool Edit Pro 2.0, Fruity Loops, Mixcraft 4, Yamaha Portable Grand DGX-520 YPG-525
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