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Graham Henderson
NEWS   The older I get, the more I do this just for me, so if any enjoy it too, that is a bonus.
Hat Trick Shuffle Karaoke Backing
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04/27/07 @ 10:07 PM     post a comment
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This is the unsung backing track to mark three in a row Melbourme Cup win by Makybe Diva and Glenn Boss
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I am writer, and general Mister Nice Guy.
I am not a performer but manage to squeak out stuff good enough for others to hear and do better with.
Lucky for you lot. I get a few other people to sing and play some of my stuff.
I do make Karaoke tracks of my songs and perform them every Saturday night, trotting twix the two local pubs that do karaoke.
I have a whole heap more fun than doing covers all the time.
Most weeks having at least one new song to try out on the punters.
Have seven recorded and getting airplay.
And not only on my show Roar Radio either.
Backing music for Born To Be Blue is now on a video showing the Esperance service providers. Out soon. More later.
Why this name?
Graham was given to me by a Gypsy fortune teller the day I was born. She took one look and said, "Yep he is gunna be an old man, and also is sure to grow up to be a clown. A real grey ham."
She also said I was ugly, so what the hell did she know?
Henderson was given to me because they said they had to blame somebody.
Do you play live?
Yep do even though it nealy kills me. Down at the Esperance Hotel most Sunday nights. Play harp and sing some of my songs or parodies.
Most famous for my Locked And Chained to the GST parody. Am told Joe Cocker has a contract out on me for that one.
Now doing my own songs a la karaoke by the way.
Way to go.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Well. Without the internet and mp3, I would never have recorded any of my songs i am sure.
I hardly ever listen to anything else bar what I find on the net any more. Just so much good stuff there.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I doubt it at my age, but you never know
A bloke has to die of something ya know.
Band History:
I started this caper after winning Australian Songwriter's Assocciation National Lyricist Of The Year 1998. I really thought the punters were gunna flock to me.
Now three years and some 500 lyrics (some with tunes even) on, I have managed to get at least one bit of paper a year from ASA, TSA or SCALA saying I ain't bad but don't stop buying lotto tickets.
Your influences?
Dave Hole is probably my biggest living influence. Saw him when he was first out around 1974 and watched him pay his dues forever. Love the bloke.
From Gershwin to Slim Dusty about covers the rest of my influences.
Favorite spot?
The Skinny Dipping beach right here in Sunny little Esperance. That's the naked truth.
Equipment used:
My little Casio Keyboard,the puter and some very talented friends.
And Soundtrek's Jammer programs. I love it.
And my harmonicas of course.
Anything else...?
Hope you like the music Folks. I have fun doing it.
And remember. You come to Esperancec trot ya frame around to The Hole In The Wall or The Pier Saturday nights for karaoke.
Or get your clothes off and see me at the Free Beach.
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