Push Thru (W/Hook Breana Marin)
Instrumentals with Hooks
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play hi-fi  Oui Be
play hi-fi  By My Side
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Hi! I'm Jonnikhan! Glad to meet ya! Let me introduce you to the band:

Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Lead Vocals, Primary Percussion and Keyboard. All instrumentation on Outworlder.

Bassist on all songs except Outworlder.

Why this name?
Jonnikhan is a combination of my first and last names.
Do you play live?
Not on a regular basis. Every now and then I perform, sometimes solo and sometimes with T-Bass. Personally, I love performing in front of an enthusiastic crowd. My last solo performance was at a benefit talent show for the homeless where I performed a song I wrote called "Let Me" and I was surprised at the positive response. A very special moment indeed. Below is a video from one of my practice sessions. The song I'm performing is The Veteran.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It could have something to do with the vast distribution qualities of the internet over other forms of marketing. As an example, check this out:

or this:

Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Yes, under the right conditions.
Band History:
As a guitarist I have ventured into the world of playing in various bands throughout my playing career. Wouldn't It Be Wonderful represents my first solo album, although I am joined by my good friend and bass player T-Bass. I never met another musician who influenced my playing as did T-Bass, an extraordinary bassist. Together we have created an alternative blend of music in a joint project we call Synergetx; to be released soon. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy Wouldn't It Be Wonderful.

New!!! I have included most of my second album, Outworlder, to my music lineup. I am quite sure this album will sound a chord or two with many people. I have included the lyrics and general story line for each song on my music page, so join in! Should I get a positive response, I will make the songs available for digital download.

You can now purchase the album Wouldn't It Be Wonderful digitally here at Soundclick, or at this fine online retail site:

Now available on iTunes!


Special thanks to:

- All my good friends for hanging with me through thick and thin. You know who you are.

- My audience, for taking the time to visit and listen. If you leave a comment, I want to thank you again personally.
Your influences?
I'm self taught, so I developed my own "style" of playing. I have many mentors, such as John Lennon, George Harrison, Roy Orbisson, Van Halen, Joe Satriani, Carlos Santana and on and on and on. I'm into making music with a message for all of the many peoples of this beautiful planet. Peace!
Favorite spot?
San Francisco
Equipment used:
I record my music using a MacIntosh G5 PowerMac which utilizes Garageband songwriting software. The percussion and accompanying instrumentation are accomplished on a Yamaha keyboard. I currently own three guitars; Anne (my strat), Elizabeth (my 12-string Ovation Balladeer), and Martina (my Martin acoustic/electric) and you'll hear all of them on the album.
Anything else...?
I would like my audience to pay particular attention to the lyrics of the songs you hear. Every song is true in some sense of the word. I hope that you like what you hear and will spend a moment to give your comments and input. Also, for those of you who are fellow artists, I recommend this site below as a great means of promotion:

Check out one of my mentors, Robin Trower. Keep on rockin' Robin!

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