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AC Da' Perfecto
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DAt'z Playa (comm)
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05/21/07 @ 12:39 PM     post a comment
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Commercial For Cd
Butch Beats Production
Como Dices Paz
Como Dices Paz- How Do You Say Peace
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for Bio And Pics!
Why this name?
It Evolved as My Production Game Got More On Point!!!!! I Like My Music As Close To "Perfect" As Possible!!!My Closest Friendz Call Me A Perfectionist!!!!!
Do you play live?
Yes!!!! Mostly Lower Greenville Area and Deep Ellum Areas In Dallas,Tx.!!!!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
I Think it Gives Real Time Promotions for RealTime Response All The Way From The Executive Branch Of labels to The Actual Monitor/Home of the Computer savy Fan!!!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
It Depends On Who's Machine We're Talking About; and What Tools They Can Provide Me With To Make My Career a "Great" Success!!!!I Refuse to Be A One Hit Wonder what Happend To Him Story!!!!!
Band History:
A.C. , former member of the locally acclaimed hip-hop group Sub-Flo; finally releases his long awaited debut full-length solo album,"Top Grindin"! As a member of Subflo, AC and the group delivered a genuis brand of " Southern Hip-Hop", and also has performed on the same stages as hip-hop greats like "Busta Rhymes, Taz & Tha' Liks, Wu-Tangs' Cappadonna, and Suga Free to name a few.This Ultimate Hustler has also managed to get his face seen on Dr. Dre's Chronic 2001 Tour DVD.Go check it out!!! That was then, this is now! Coming off with the technique of a "skilled veteran", AC offers the ultimate alternative to the normal rat race cycle of undefineble "hip-hop"in todays' market. With a lyrical style all his own; and captivatingly vivid production , Da' Perfecto is definitely blazin' tha' spot! The first single from the LP is "Back and Forth"; a "high energy" dance track with a throwback type flavor! The next single to be featured will be the hot street-powered club-banger,"We Got Love". With it's thick bassline and thunderous kicks, this one is sure to rock any club system! Another tight joint to pay close attetion to is the title track,"Top Grindin' ". This song delivers a feel-good overtone. Light-heartedly melodic; but don't let the smooth taste fool ya'! This song comes club-complete with rugged get-at-cha' lyrics and a mind-grasping hook! Now for all of you who are thinking this guy is out only for commercial success; think again! This self-produced artist has been keeping it hot on the underground and the internet for a few years now with the help of & cd baby. com. But now, with a new independent site, D.Product launches the "Top Grindin' " campaign. Da, Perfecto & and array of hot new under- ground MC's are on the grind strictly to present to; and represent Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex with "original hip-hop"! Anything else is just uncivilized!
Your influences?
People Like Dr. Dre, J.D.,Jay-Z, Diddy ,Run-Dmc & Jam J, Timberland, Missy, Pac, Rakim,Nas , Kanye, Jamie Foxx, Scott Storch, Fifty Cents,Bee Gees ,Carly Simon,Aretha Franklin , Jazzy Pha, TI ,OutKast, Goodie Mob, Ja Rule ,Etc...I Could Go On With This 4 Weeks!!!!!!
Favorite spot?
Dallas Ft.Worth MetroPlex!!!!!!
Equipment used:
ASR X-Pro Drum Machine, ASR-88 KeyBoard, Proteus 2000 Sound Module By E-MU, Cubasis Vst and WaveLab!
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