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play hi-fi Are You Satisfied
Fluid Perception
Spring on my S3T (Neo G-Funk)
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We Family *Free DL*
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play hi-fi  Fresh Out
play hi-fi  My Battle Verse Fadez
play hi-fi  Kali Grapes Freestyle
play hi-fi  Nina Duece Fiva
play hi-fi  Watch Yo Step
play hi-fi  In Da Bay
play hi-fi  Comin Thru
We Are Two Underground Artists Out Of 925 Located In The Bay Area of Kali.. We Are On Our Grind 24/7 Trying Ta' Make A Decent Livin' Off Our Hustle, Ya Smell Me?? So Listen To Our Slaps And Show Us Some Love.. Thats Tha' Buisness Y'all.
Why this name?
Cuz We Outa 925 And We Fresh As Tha Produce Isle
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Mo' Money Less Problems
Band History:
92Fresh Been Killin' Mics Since 2004
Favorite spot?
Yoc Vegas
Equipment used:
Whatever We Can Get Our Hands On
Anything else...?
Who Got $5 On It ?