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Rob B (GER)
I Cry (feat. Elisa)
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I Cry
Music & lyrics: Robert Baitinger
Vocals: Elisa
All instruments & production: Bastian Knochel
New School
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Rob B. is a songwriter from Germany whose songs have been played worldwide on radio stations. Recently he has worked together with Andrew Gold, Joe Milton, Annagrey LaBasse, Tara-Lynn Sharrock, Matt Ingram, Lotti Epp, Elisa Müller, Kayla Williams, Mircea Cioclei, Bernd Oettinger, LeeAndrew Bray, Donovan Plant, Anders Larson, Vince Denimarck, Bastian Knochel, Markus Lammarsch, Fabian Goerg, Martin Gotz, Alina Potthoff, Chantal Schramm, Tabea Mensch, Rieke Schroeder, Graham Gould, Antony Wolfson, Julian Bromm, Helmut Hirner, Sarah Fischer and Charlie Hamilton Jr.

Currently he is teaming up with talented writers and musicians and producing new songs and video clips.
Why this name?
My real name is hard to pronunce.
Do you play live?
No. I just record in the studio. My most memorable moments were when I worked together with Andrew Gold in QBrain Studios in L.A.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It changes the way we consume music. New business models will continue to emerge. It offers new ways to collaborate with artists and producers around the world.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Likely yes, but only as a songwriter.
Band History:
Rob B. was born in Panama City, Florida. In 1973 he followed his parents to Germany.
He discovered his passion for song writing in 1978. Since then he has written over 150 songs.
In February 2004 he wanted to find out what his songs would sound like when professionally produced and recorded. He chose Andrew Gold for this project. „Did You Get What You Want“ is his first single.

Robert's debut album called "Helping Hands" was released in 2008. He named his project the "Rob B. Project". Andrew Gold, Matt Ingram, Annagrey, Joe Milton and Lotti Epp participated in his project. In 2013 he helped produce the album "about you" for Elisa. That album is available at iTunes, Amazon.com, CD Baby and other internet shops.

Robert is currently working on songs for a new album. He's teaming up with very talented writers, musicians and singers and producing songs in his own studio.

Your influences?
I have been writing songs for most of my life and my tracks are very diverse in style.
Favorite spot?
Sun and beaches
Equipment used:
Yamaha Tyros 4
Logic X
Sonar 6
Duet by Apogee
AKG Perception 420
Anything else...?
I hope you like my songs!