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play hi-fi  Hujan Berkat (Piano Version)
play hi-fi  BL806-Aha Pe Masa Di Ngolumon
play hi-fi  BL244-Husomba Ho Tuhan
play hi-fi  BL581-Sangap Di Jahowa
play hi-fi  KJ467
play hi-fi  Impromptu - A New Composition
play hi-fi  Ya Allah Yang Maha Tinggi (KJ246)
play hi-fi  Kunyanyikan Kasih Setia Tuhan (PKJ14)
play hi-fi  God and God Alone
play hi-fi  I'll walk with God
Hi there!

Thanks for visiting my page & music.

Music is a wonderful thing. It explains itself, even if it is just an instrumental music - without words... It touches every heart - through its magical melody, harmony, and rhythms. Usually, we can understand the music with words. However, to me, it is much easier to understand music without words. Most of the music presented here are instrumental music, although some songs have voices and words. If you know the lyric and the song, I hope you can sing it out loud and enjoy the music. :D

I like spending time playing musical instruments, making a new music arrangement and I would to share it with you the music that I arranged, composed, and recorded. I hope you enjoy my music as much as I do.
Why this name?
Johnny Sianturi. It's my name - given by my both loving parents.
Do you play live?
Yes - in my "kandang"/a tiny (3 m x 3 m) studio with all musical instruments, at school (annual art festive), at work (if there is any celebration or office events - and of course if I have time), and mostly at church
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Yes. It is an exciting time for the independent musician like me to share my music....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Of course. Why not?
Band History:
All music I played here were digitally recorded using various digital and analog musical instruments.

Few songs were recorded in MIDI format sometime back in 1990, while I was first experimenting with MIDI gears. These songs have now been converted to MP3 format.
Your influences?
- World (Indonesian Traditional Music: Bataknese, Javanese, Balinese music).
- Classic,
- Jazz,
- Contemporary,
- Hymns,
- Pop,
Favorite spot?
Jakarta (Indonesia),
Lake Toba & Poriaha (North Sumatra),
Bali (Indonesia),
Chicago (US),
San Francisco (US),
Makati (Philippines),
Bataan (Philippines),
Tokyo (Japan),
MidValley, Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
Bonang Gank Senggo (Betawi, Indonesia)l!
Equipment used:
All songs/music here were recorded using the following musical Instruments:
- Christofori Violin, - Roland G800 Workstation Arranger, - Roland SoundCanvas SC-8850, - Suzuki Digital Piano, - Yamaha Acoustic Grand Piano C3, - Yamaha Acoustic Guitar G-235, - Yamaha Acoustic Piano UXBL10, - Yamaha CBK-K1 MIDI Keyboard Controller, - Yamaha Electone EL-500, - Yamaha Electro Acoustic Guitar CGX-171CCA, - Yamaha Flute FL-261IIS, - Yamaha Keyboard PSR-3000, - Yamaha Recorder, - Yamaha Stage Piano P-200,

recorded using the following DAW:
- Apple Logic Studio 9, - Apple Logic Studio 8,- GarageBand,- Sonar 8,- Sonar 6.

- Boss 8 Channel Mixer,

- HP Laptop 6318,- HP Mininote 2333, - IBM ThinkPad T400, - iMac, MacBookPro, Lenovo T410

- Behringer B2-pro Condenser mic, - Behringer Pre-amp, - Yamaha Microphone, - Seinheiser, - AudioTechnica
Joel 'n Nila