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Age Of Echoes
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Age Of Echoes write ambient mood music that is both relaxing and reflective. A unique sound that is steeped in mystique, combining hypnotic rhythm with haunting melody. Evolution and destiny are the foundations of our inspiration. We attempt to explore the many rhythms of life, envisaging the countless scenarios as Earth evolves towards its destiny, and mankind draws nearer to the Age Of Echoes. With its tranquil soundscapes and reflective mood our music is the perfect aid to relaxation and meditation. Discover and enjoy!

Why this name?

The Age Of Echoes Concept:

'........ imagine a time at the end of time, at the end of the universe. All is peaceful and still, a beautiful landscape that resonates with all that has gone before... fragments of a myriad of existences subtly manifesting themselves in the sound of the wind and the whisperings of the Earth.

This is the

Age Of Echoes

Each of our tracks is just a fragment, a fleeting glimpse, as the music fades the listener is left to follow the never ending pattern and flow into eternity....'

Band History:

We specialise in melodic and reflective mood music and have been creating music in this genre since the band was formed in 1996. We try to give each track it's own unique sound and style drawing our inspiration from the
vastness of life, time and destiny.

Age Of Echoes launched on MP3.COM at the start of the new millenium - receiving over 200,000 plays and selling hundreds of CDs to fans from all over the world.

Favorite spot?
Glastonbury Tor and the Chalice Well, England.
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