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The faceless
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play hi-fi  Perdu
play hi-fi  when I remember'kif nitfakir'
play hi-fi  Manich pro
play hi-fi  Essai makett Medley
play hi-fi  Boby Marley
play hi-fi  Yousif Il Temimi coctail
play hi-fi  Isma3ni (Listen to me)
play hi-fi  7keyet(story)
play hi-fi  'alf lila w lila'
play hi-fi  rage de Langage
The faceless one man standing
Do you play live?
alone i didn't but whith my other group "IMAGNE" a Jazz group in my home town and in many festival in Tunisia.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
why not! that's a dream hope i'll see it commin true!
Your influences?
2pac;Wu Tang Clan D.O.C Lotfi double canon......
and the old shool of hiphop.
Favorite spot?
MY home Town MENZEL-TEMIME.net
Equipment used:
The faceless one man standing with a mic and a Pc makin music that express it self Hip Hop Harcore.
Anything else...?
I'm graffiti on the wall Whispers in the dark hall I'm everything but nothig at all.
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