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Instrumentals with Hooks
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Degenerator... Hmmmm... Well, it's actually my solo project name. I'm doing this for fun (for now).... I think it's way better than drugs or some similar shit... In the mater of fact, this is kind of a drug, to be honest.... :D
Why this name?
No particular reason, it just sounds good to me one time, when I was drunk, so it stays from that time 'till now.... :)
Do you play live?
At the moment, no. But it is planned, but we'll see when. I have also another band, which is my main "occupation", so to speak...
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
A lot. Much more oportunities for artists to distribute their work, but also bad at the same time because of the piracy...
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
What a question... Of course, that is every band's dream... :)
Your influences?
Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad, In Flames, American Head Charge, Disturbed, Nickelback, LastDayHere, Veto, Entreat, Evenrain, HIM, Entwine, Sentenced, and many others
Favorite spot?
I'm flexibile. Anywhere, if people I love are presented...
Equipment used:
Line 6 PODxt, Toontrack DFH Superior, RME Multiface II, Tannoy Reveal Active 5A, Universal Audio UAD-1 Ultra-PAK, Focusrite Dual Channel-Strip, Peavey JSX head & cab, Hartke 3500 head & XL cab, Tama SC drums, Sabian cymbals, Gibraltar & Iron Cobra hardware
Anything else...?
Cheers to all the m/f bands and artists, who are creating any kind of music and trying hard in this god**** world of music business. Respect to ya all!!
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