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Steve Clark (Bearcubs)
Uncle Samuel
Mother Load
Alternative General
Rocky , lots of verve , mom would have liked it if she were still alive . This is one for my birthday Monday , happy St Pats .
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play hi-fi  In the Mountains
play hi-fi  Sadness
This is nothing more than a means to capture the crud which exists in my head at any given moment.

If you like it, great! If not, oh well.
Why this name?
I'm quite unimaginative when it comes to names
Do you play live?
I'd like to play live, but I've yet to find the right combination of players
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not at present. I'm not a starving artist, just a guy who likes to compose and arrange.
Your influences?
Michael Hedges, Genesis, Rush, Led Zepplin (mostly the work of JPJ), Pink Floyd (Huge fan of David Gilmore's playing), some Santana (especially the old stuff i.e. Oyo Como Va). Gary Numan, too. That guy is seriously under-appreciated.

I'm also into funk, blues, new age, industrial, and alternative genres. Lately, I've found a new appreciation for Gary Numan, so I'm sure he'll find his way into whatever it is I might be writing.
Favorite spot?
Mt Hood, Oregon. Gatlinburg, Tennesee
Equipment used:
Peavey Pro 500
Peavey TVX 410 Cabinet
Digitech Pedals
Fender Jazz Bass
Piccolo Bass