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Hi, and thanks for visiting my page at Soundclick. I'm BiTeR mc, and now I'm suppossed to say "best producer in the world, coolest remixer, a great DJ, blah, blah, blah..." and finally add ", what are you waiting for to go to the online shop and buy my CDs?". Not my style. Instead of convincing you by speaking as a publicist, I prefer you to play some of my music here and to take your own conclussions. You can hit the Play button while you read this... and -please- play it as loud as you can.

Why this name?
That's an old story, BiTeR was my streetname when I was so, so young and it's related to computer bits. Then I was into a few latin hip hop bands doing the MC thing and I became the BiTeR mc... nedless to say that I did not speak english yet. I was laughing for hours when I discovered that the word "biter" is used disparagingly by american rappers when refering to bad mc's. Now I'm not into hip hop (although I still loving it), but I decided to proudly keep my contradictory artist name.
Do you play live?
At clubs, raves, partys, beach partys, music festivals... everywhere I can. I love spinning and playing live, specially when people is open minded and I can give the best of me. I consider myself lucky for living in Barcelona, because is one of the most clubber cities in Europe and you can spin for people from around the world.

Any special moments? Every moment is special when there's music playing and people dancing.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The mp3 phenomena is re-inventing the industry from scratch. For the big guys -who have been used to control every distribution and broadcast media for decades- is a ruin. For us -the small artists and the independent labels- is a chance to spread our music. Major labels think every mp3 copied means the loss of a sold CD, and they spend obscene fortunes in promotion with sales in mind. For them is a tragedy. For us, every mp3 download means another person listening to our music, and maybe sharing that track with a third one. For us, mp3 means promotion... and that's good.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Maybe. Why not? There is a urban legend talking about a guy who casually listen to your music, then he puts you on TV, gives you obscene amounts of cash and -that's magic!- you don't have to work anymore, you get groupies and drugs for free and your life becomes a porn movie. Well... that's the legend and most of the people who call themselves "artists" are searching for this. The bads news are that,someday, they'll realize urban legends are not real.

Seriously; I would sign for a major if there would be a chance for me to get signed as long as to start working in music more than ever while keeping the control of my productions. I'm into music for the love of music itself. The rest is folklore.
Band History:

BiTeR mc is DJ, producer and remixer. In Barcelona he is known by his large sessions, spinning subtile and deep House music for hours, where he have been making dance until the end to both the modern and exigent clubbers and the sceptic traditional people who's not into club culture. He is the resident DJ and co-organizer at The Party, a series of running parties matching the best House music with live-act parts and daring visuals.

Producer & Remixer: at the studio
With a large career as a DJ and member of several bands during the las years, BiTeR mc constituted his producer skills directly into the recording studio, learning production's secrets and techniques in a fast way. His production list counts actually more than 100 recorded tracks, and he keeps increasing this number with more own tracks, collaborations with signed and unsigned artists, remixes, demos...

Spinning Live
The live set is the other face of this artist. BiTeR mc uses to go a little further than the usual session where the DJ comes with his case, spins a few vinyls and leaves. Every single session is carefully prepared during large selections, listening to hundreds of tracks and making multiple test and trials. He prepares larger versions of his own tracks, specially adapted for the live show, and invites other artists to share the decks and the stage. this way, every single session is a different -and only- show where you'll never know what will be next.

Groove passion: some kind of short bio.
BiTeR mc was born at some point in the 70's and in some place into the city of Barcelona. At the 90's -as well as almost every DJ candidate- he gets a pair of turntables and start collecting a massive amount of records. But, as a difference with other DJs, he knew from the very beggining how to point his sessions. He was in search for that "something" he found in the work of Frankie Knuckles, Todd Terry or Masters at Work. That's what they call groove... but the name is the less important thing when you know beforehand what kind of sound you want to take.

The next step was obvious, it wasn't enough playing another people's music: he had to create his own. Slowly, he started building his own recording studio and producing his first demos, experimenting with funk , hiphop -back then, Barcelona's scene was living one of it's first electronic apogees with an emerging hiphop scene- Drum'n'Bass and the form of subtile and deep House music predominant in his work. Although today's technology allows any artist to realize the whole creative process completely alone, BiTeR always had preference for the collaboration with other singers and musicians who enrich and add diferent points of view to his tracks.
Your influences?
Too many to mention. From 70's funk to the deepest electronica of the 21st century.
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