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play hi-fi  sniper
play hi-fi  Nomis
play hi-fi  Cauterize (demo)
play hi-fi  Now Look Here
play hi-fi  Break My Fall
play hi-fi  Orchid (demo)
play hi-fi  Chest Pains I (a new new)
play hi-fi  Chest Pains II (thoracic wow and flutter)
play hi-fi  Chest Pains III (sugar, sugar)
play hi-fi  Four Palms
my band? it's a one-man show
Why this name?
i use a Mac, and somewhat clumsily, so...
Your influences?
fripp & eno, 70's era NYC punk, post-punk, (free) jazz
Favorite spot?
Brooklyn, baby!
Equipment used:
Hardware: 1.8 G5 Power Mac, MOTU 828 II, FMR RNC, Assorted mics, Japanese mid-90s Lollar-equipped Strat, loads of effects pedals.

Software: Digital Performer, Reason, Reaktor, M Tron, and too many plug-ins to count.
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