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Rain On Bamboo
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play hi-fi  Some Satellites
play hi-fi  Reading, Writing and Tying Poem-Slips To Bamboo
play hi-fi  No Burning Soul
play hi-fi  Boat On The Backwater
play hi-fi  Drifting Monsters
play hi-fi  Breathless On The Run
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play hi-fi  Drifting Monsters (Reprise)
Rain On Bamboo is a project of Ingo Ito. Other projects by him here on Soundclick are:

Rain On Bamboo was founded in 1992 by Ingo Ito as an open band project with varying musicians.

After the basically pop-orientated music of Bamboo Industry, Rain On Bamboo shifted to a different, rather "avantgardish" style of music influenced by artists like Brian Eno, King Crimson, David Sylvian or Ryuichi Sakamoto.

There was much space for improvisational performances within the loose framework of the songs of their first album "Sleep & Poetry" and the recording approach was regarded as a piece of art in itself with the music painting a colourful picture for the listener´s own imagination.

Rain On Bamboo´s 2nd album "Suburban Skirmish" was nearly completely recorded by Ingo Ito on his own as a multitrack studio album, due to the lack of time of the originally wanted fellow musicians.

  • Ingo Ito - lead vocals, guitars, electronics
  • Susa Lie - bass, vocals
  • Gabriel Le Mar - guitars, electronics
  • Lorenz Allacher - sax, indian flute
  • Hans Schumann - drums
  • Lisa Wicklund - bass, vocals
  • Heiko Maile - synthesizers
  • Sven Küster - drums

You can listen to more music and also buy Digital Download Files (DDF) by Rain On Bamboo at the download-shop at www.itofarm.com.
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Japan,King Crimson,David Sylvian,Ryuichi Sakamoto