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Scholer Family
Lester Wayne Dobos
Beats General
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play hi-fi  Lokah Samastah VS
play hi-fi  Peace Mantras
play hi-fi  Give me Love
play hi-fi  Amme
play hi-fi  Eternal Ma
play hi-fi  Amriteshvaryai Namah
play hi-fi  Amritanandamayi Jai Jai
play hi-fi  Sri Krishna Govinda
play hi-fi  Shakti Ta Jagadambe
play hi-fi  Lokah Samastah
This band has been formed by all the family members. We are playing on a regular basis bhajans (indian sacred songs) and our own compositions.
Why this name?
It just came along
Do you play live?
We play life at home for friends and devotees of Amma, an Indian Saint. Sometimes also we sing and play on an Amma-program on the European Tour or in the main ashram in Amritapuri, India.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It has changed the business a lot, because everybody has a possibility to make his(her) music known to the whole world and sell it.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
I don't think so, because they always make you do things that are not yours and are always business oriented.
Your influences?
My first main influences are Jazz-music from Parker until today. Then the influence of Amma and Her devotional singing together with thousands of people. This has brought me to the south-indian music, which is very close to Jazz, specially from a rhythmical point of view.
Favorite spot?
Amritapuri, Kerala, South-India
Equipment used:
Oasys 88, Yamaha PSR9000, Roland VS-2480, Motu Midi Express XT, Roland JP-8080, different guitars, Alto Amictube Preamp, Roede NT1000, Sennhäuser MD 421, Shure SM58, Cubase 4, Sonar 6, Live 5, E-MU PCI-0404
Anything else...?
Meditation, Love
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