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GinNger SparklezZz
NEWS   Check out "A Ripple In My Ink"!! It is the first Album I will be featured on, in a substantial way. It was put together by my friend and collaborator, as well as musical mentor(since 2004), J.O. Simon along with many other talents. You can find all of the songs on this album via these links. or
Remixed and Remastered for your listening pleasure! Please DL the Album version of our songs. They sound amazing, if I do say so myself(TOOT TOOT)!

Love and Peace,
GinNger SparklezZz
Dirty Dirty Dirty(with Bob & Pascal)
uploaded on
04/30/08 @ 10:44 PM     13 comments
83,366 times
GinNger, Bob & Syngu get down and dirty and yet keep it clean & green at the same time.
Some the photos used in this vid were from:
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play hi-fi  WATER w/Z
play hi-fi  Bloodspinner(w/Z)
play hi-fi  King of the Ruin(A Monkey Song w/Procks)
play hi-fi  Coming Ashore(Full)
play hi-fi  W a v e s(ALPHA ONE OMEGA, Aloka & GinNger)
play hi-fi  Coming Ashore(Hyper Dance Instrumental Mix)
play hi-fi  Coming Ashore(Instrumental Version)
play hi-fi  Sunsets in Paradise(w/Michael Duran Backer)
play hi-fi  Only Do As Expected(Remake by Procks with GinNger)
play hi-fi  By The Pond(Tetsuroh's Version)
(For best listening experience, please use headphones!)

An Avant-Gardist to the maximus and connoisseur of Tribal and Dance Music!! : ))
"I have always marched to the beat of my own drum...the style is all my OWN!"

Art & Music are my passion :) . I'm not in it for anything other then creative expression. As a Visual Artist, I feel most creative while listening to inspirational music. As far as the tunes go...I just like to have fun. I program everything from the synths to the drums, note for note. I occasionally use loops that I manipulate into something completely different from which they started. I also like to add live instruments now and then. I am a Minimalist...and it's just my personal prefrence as an artist. I got into music production, mainly, to create backing tracks for my vocals...since I love to write and sing my own songs. And I guess too, my love of music got me itching to produce some of my own! :) I've been sharing my music online, since 2001...I really got into it in 2004, as I started to collaborate more with other artists. I just do it for fun and for the sake of creative expression. With that said, I create for myself, first and foremost. If you like my tunes, that's cool too!! I've worked in many genres of music. I have some that are real dancers, others...more primal, passionate and or meaningful. I also have some that are just very silly and fun to sing along with! Take you're pick! I am versatile, like that.

I've had my music played on a few internet stations across the globe, have been interviewed on a few OMDs and have been featured on "The ZEST Radio Show, CKRG 89.9 FM" with Host Paul Richmond AKA ZEST. Which is a station broadcasting from Glendon Campus at York University and in Toronto Canada. Thanks ZEST & Crew!
Click here to hear a clip from one of ZEST's Radio Shows:
And a special thanks to all of those DJs out there, that remix and play out my tunes in their night club sets!! And to the folks promoting and blogging my music, thanks friends!! :)

Read some of the Reviews we've got;

My Artistic Drive:
*I am not a professional on LDs, but I am dyslexic and these are MY personal experiences & findings.*
I am a Right Brained Dyslexic artist. Dyslexia is a life long condition. This world would NOT be what it is, without right brained people! Many of the great entertainers, artists, C.E.O.s, Entrepreneurs and inventors/engineers of our times are or were also, Dyslexic. There are SO many, unfair stereotypes of Dyslexic people...when many Dyslexics are in fact, of above average intelligence. There is so much more to it, then literary issues alone. With early intervention, constant practice, hard work and endless tutoring...I've overcome this part. At 6, I could barely get through a simple sentence. I realized THAT early on, that I was "different". It made me self-conscious. But with time and effort, I caught-up in reading and writing etc. I'll never forget those whom had the patience to help me learn. Now, I fully enjoy reading and writing, as you can see!

Almost every Dyslexic has the same tail to, doesn't that say something? ;) Search; "Famous People with Dyslexia" for yourself and read their stories! You'd be very surprised! And...back to the art! I Write/Perform/Produce/Mix/Master/Program/Sequence all of my music(except on collabs of course). I'm just a needle in a hay a big sea of artists fighting to get to the top. I've became content as a gritty gut bottom feeder. :D
Why this name?
My nick-name since Jr. High(Think "Gilligan's Island," with the extra 'N' from my real name.) ...Sparkles added later on, in High School. I had a fondness for glitter and all things sparkly and girlie! It's worked for me, so I kept it as an artist name. My closest friends & family still call me, 'Gin' or 'Sparkles' now and then. : ))

"My name is GinNger, and I Sparkle!" ;)
Do you play live?
Oct. 28th 2011 was my first public performance...I've done one more since then, in April 2012. I was asked to come along by a local performance artist, that wanted to showcase some of my work.

+ I sing everywhere I go! Does that count? I just can't help myself...especially when I am super happy. It's a major release, y'all!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Shhh...did you hear that? Those are the sounds of dreams come true! ; ))

It's made collaborating with indie artists across the globe, possible!!

It's about time REAL Artists took the stage back! It's a fact that the people are getting tired of the same old factory processed garbage. The mainstream has been pumping out a steady stream of it over the past few years. Enough with the narcissistic mantaility of today's pop music. We as a creative species, crave originality and thoughtful self expression! Record companies are to afraid to sample something they've never had before...there for they stick with what they know sells or have had success with before(safe). But it gets old when that's all that is being offered. There is no TRUE diversity, and allot of talented artists get lost "in the mix" (no pun intended). Such Artists may never have that chance to share what could have been the next hit. What a shame! I could rattle off tons of names of people that should be gracing the airwaves with their work. Have a listen to my stations on my profile page and tell me these aren't great tunes! Support the indie artist!! Buy my Album with Josi & co. on sale now at iTunes!! HaHaHa and we're plugin' along!!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No...I want to create on my own terms. I'm not looking to become famous, just enjoy creating and sharing my music. I'd be happy just to be a respectable artist. :)
Band History:
In 2001 I became an Online Artist, starting at the original, then onto BeSonic and Mixposure...etc, with many downloads, fan art and even fan mails asking me to send in my work to a popular radio show, to my surprise! I have been interviewed on a few OMD sites. And have had my music featured on FM Radio in Toronto Canada as well as Internet Radio Stations across the Globe! I even got a few nominations in the "International Online Music Awards" aka "The IOMA's," a few years back for best album design work for J.O. Simon and Best Drum Programmer(even though I didn't win anything, that was still very cool). I had worked hard to make a name for myself and that it has been a great feeling to be recognized for my art. It has truely charmed the sparkles out of me...since, I was basically bullied into a hole all throughout my school years. It just goes to show...when you step out of the superficial factory, the real world can be an amazing and wonderful place full of lovely people. I'm loving life and freedom of expression keeps me happy as a clam in the sand.

I try my best to express myself originally...and so I write, perform & program/produce my music from scratch(no premade loops or presets); except for more recent works...I started getting into manipulating some loops here and there, either created by myself or came with software fill out my songs a bit more. Hey, DJs and studio producers do it! :D I have also done Collaborations with many outstanding Artists from around the Globe, such as;
DJ BZERK, W.J. Plecha, J.O. Simon, Mr. Frog, Tetsuroh, ItchieCat, Axel U., SuperGirl, ASHLEY BREATHE, D-FORM, BADMOUTH, Ed Drury, Zefuldar, DJ Johnny Pickle, RedEyeC, Syngularity, ALPHA ONE OMEGA, Aloka, Drumnjon, Faunaserene, Fusion Fall Project, Procks, Michael Duran and Karmabend.
Your influences?
Well, a few of my favorites are:

Anything ever released by Underground Construction Music and Dance Works, Ralphie Rosario, CZR, Tanya Tagaq, DJ Quicksilver, Darude, Hot Butter, Mighty Dub Katz, Cajmere, Poogie Bear & Mark V, DJ Markski, DJ Funk, Fast Eddie, DJ Dan, Vinylshakerz, DJ Keoki, DJ Youri, DJ Mystik, Massive Attack, Muttonheads, Alex Peace, Kevin Halsted, Bad Boy Bill, To Kool Chris, Bobby D, Depsh Mode, Smashing Pumpkins, Rihanna, The Bloodhound Gang, Tiga, Felix da Housecat, Brooklyn Bounce, Gigi D'Agostino, David Guetta, Divine, Ru Paul, Dance 2 Trance, Who Da Funk, Plastikman, Sin with Sebastians, Emenem, Usher, Peggy Lee, Sneaker Pimps, Stacy Q, Hot Butter, La Bouche, Faithless, Pamp, Paul Van Dyk, Mouse T, 2LiveKrew, House of Pain, Cyprus Hill, Fiona Apple, Jewel, Alanis Morreset, Notorious B.I.G., Duce, Artie the One Man Party, Effiel65, Planet Soul, The Fugees, ATC, The Outhere Brothers, The Jungle Brothers, Beastie Boys, Dirty Vegas, Moby, Pop Tarts, NIN, Mannequin, Marilyn Manroe, Marilyn Manson, Amanda Lepore, Kelis, Madonna, Bjork, Everything but the Girl, TLC, Eurythmics, Rednex, Dead or Alive, Missy Elliot, Timbaland, (Old Skool)Snoop Dog & Dr. Dre, Devil Doll, Michael Jackson, Benny Goodmen, Frank Sanatra, Taco, Johnny Cash, Justin Timberlake, Ray Charles, Elton John, Yanni, Danny Elfman, Harmony Nights, Robert Miles, Adele, Basement Jaxx, Plastikman, Jia Peng Fang, Joe Firecrow, Robbie Robertson and The Red Road Ensemble Music, New Order, Fischerspooner, Benny Benassi, Sex Krazed Superstars, Fat Boy Slim, Music Instructor, Musto & Bones, KRS-One, Blondie, Imperial Teen, Paul Oakenfold, Run D.M.C. vs. Jason Nevins, Freestyle, Watergate, Daft Punk, Stardust, Orbital, The Orb, Lady GaGa, Alice DeeJay, The Chemical Brothers, ATB, The Crystal Method, Juno Reactor, Lords of Acid, Capton Hollywood, Culture Beat, N-Trance, Snap, Nightcrawlers, Haddaway, Reel 2 Real, The Prodigy, The Thompson Twins, Afrika Bambaataa, Thrill Kill Kult, Ministry, Tom Waits, Rob Zombie, Gillette, Roula & 20 Fingers, Beck, Candy Dulfer, Herb Alpert, Sade, Enigma, Phil Collins, Elton John, Paul Hardcastle, Ramsey Louis, Colors in Motion, Simply Red, Boney James, Reactable, Velva, Traditional Slovak Folk Songs...I can go on and on...Music, I adore thee!!

Mostly, I listen to allot of Electronica. Mainly...Old Skool House Music of any kind(love Progressive, Euro, Tribal, Latin & Chicago Hard/Hip House and Booty House the best). As well as 90's Dance, Trip-Hop, Goa & Acid Trance, Hard & Acid Techno, Hardcore, Breaks, Old Skool & Dark Electro, World, Chinese Opera, Kabuki, New Age, Ethnic, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Classical, Musicals, Industrial, Experimental, and a hint of Old Skool Hip-Hop, Blues, Pop, Opera & Alternative. Basically anything with a big beat, cool grove and multi-rhythms that keep me moving! I also enjoy songs that take me away or are just nice to listen to.
Favorite spot?
Lots of places are nice...
Equipment used:
Both Software & Hardware/Mind & Soul
My Mind, My Voice, My Heart, Jaw Harp, Didgeridoo, Wooden Flute, Shaker, Jingle Stick, CASIO CTK-611 Synth/Keyboard w/midi + Drum Pads, Various Microphones, Mixer, Software Sequencers & Step Sequencers etc.
Anything else...?
Now for some Philosophy of my own(some of these came from my experience as a Dyslexic):

"One does not ride a bike, but uses his own body to propel himself into motion."

"I can not gain experience from a book of words which I can not relate."

"Sometimes I feel like a Tuna in a Shark Tank."

"Primitive education for the dyslexic; Is like having your wrists bound with a
million encyclopedias and thrown into a large body of water. You are expected not to
sink, and to come out on the other end prosperous and without damage. If a struggle were to arise along the way...they would toss in a few life savers. Which are old, chapped and only partially inflated."

"A degree does not always equal smarts...common sense triumphs."

"There is no course for intelligence. It's a natural blessing, that is enhanced with age. If it could be learned, the world might be better off."

"Time is a great teacher, it never stops...until the batteries run down."

"Creativity can not be taught nor learned, only technique...which will only broaden the artist's horizons."

"Eyebrows frame thee eyes, as thee eyes frame thee heart."

"Love is like a flower, a beautiful thing...though whence it wilts, is a sad sight to see."

"The heart is not a game to be played, but a gift to receive."

"A muse is like a little butterfly. It will only come to you, when you least expect it...and you will appreciate it more, then if you were to chase after it."

"I view politics, as I would a coin. I can appreciate the work of both sides...none better then the other. And heads or tails, is all but a game...there is no sense in taking a side, when it's 'up in thee air'."

"Why scribble your way through life? Pick up a paint brush and go to town!!"

"Great thoughts come from moments of solitude."

"Open your mind, not your hands."


And too...I love and am strongly inspired by Buddhist philosophy. :)

I also love vintage Lawn Flamingos...preferably, "Featherstone's". They are so pink and wonderful! HaHaHa
My Mommy, My Angel, Rest in Peace Feb 17, 2014
lots and lots of pink
Smile, it's Froggie style!
Froggie Style
Shoveling Snowing Shoveling Snowing
GinNger SparklezZz, January 2014
My angel in my heart, keep me safe and on gaurd.
a lil fuzzy
Happy New Year
My hair trimmed
The Frozen Trail
GinNger of the North
Abominable SnowGinNger
Pink Frilliez
Me with new hat on Thanksgiving! cree cree
Never too old for a froggie hat. cree cree
November 2013
New winter hat with Polar Bear ears : )
Princess Mononoke Style
The Blues Bros painted on building : ))
My Dad, May he rest in peace.
My Father and I, He is my Angel!
GinNger@The Mutiny Chicago 10/28/11
My Uncle's Stand-Up@The Mutiny Chicago 10/28/11
Collaborations with ALPHA ONE OMEGA
My Jawharps.
My Spotted Bamboo Didgeridoo.
My Keyboard.
New Album "A Ripple in my Ink"!
Album Design - J.O. Simon @
August 2013
Summer Night
June 2013
June 2013
GinNger and The Didge
June 2013
toot toot
Febuary 2013
Febuary 2013
GinNger SparklezZz 2012
Febuary 2012
Princess & The Frog
I like pink!!
Mirror, Mirror, who sparkles more than GinNger?
dobrĂ½ den'
Because they make me smile every morning!
Kentucky 2010, White Tail Deer in ivy.
A brother is a friend given by Nature. -J Legouve
Smile for me!
Fan Art by: Starformation
A friend dancing to my song@The Mutiny 4/6/12
Dream 2009
March 2004(I was young & thin then).
Star Gazing
In beautiful Northern Michigan.
Bussiness Printout Graphic(DO NOT USE)!
Beautiful Sunset over Kentucky Lake.
Orlando, Florida
By: S.D. Design
Hypno Bass-Drawn with mouse on MS Paint/PS.
Graphic I made for Kez.
MS Paint Cat
Sparkle little Star, Drawn w/mouse on PC.
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