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Cardiac Noose
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Uncle Samuel
lady love
Alternative General
Cruise song with the Lady,bit of fantasy, big car, dream away.
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*Cardiac Noose is a gang of neighborhood friends who love rockin out. We live, breath, and drink rock n roll.
Each one of our songs are written by us for us, with our own unique style and sound. Each band member adds thier own twist to each tune.

Why this name?
Everyone whos a rocker knows that felling. Rock just grabs a hold of your heart and sqeezes like a noose, the more you get in to it the tighter it sqeezes.... thus what our music does and how it became.
Do you play live?
Right now we are hoping to come out with our first single and album consecutively. A few of us, however, are in other bands currently and love the rush of playin' out.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
What a sweet idea!! Bringing music to the masses right at their finger tips.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Hell ya! And we're sure the opportunity will arise.
Band History:
check it out on our main website.
Your influences?
We love rockin' out to a variety of different artist from Dio, Motor Head, Monster Magnet, Iron Maiden, but we definitly have a sound of our own.
Favorite spot?
We love the people who love to rock out in what ever spot that may be.
Equipment used:
We use a variety of different instruments to acheive our own rockin sound from a custom Les Paul, to an acoustic/electric ovation.
Anything else...?
Check us out:

Keep the mouse in the noose! Its guarenteed to keep ya drippin' for more.
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