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play hi-fi  Point Blank-Born and raised in the Ghetto Remix-Pr
play hi-fi  Jedi Mind Tricks Ft. Ill Bill-Heavy Metal Kings
play hi-fi  Remixah Leejun of Doom Mix-Ft.Clarance Boddyker
play hi-fi  shadow boxing_part 2.mp3
play hi-fi  Open Your Eyes Ft.,Burl,G-Willis-Black
play hi-fi  Ghetto groove.mp3
play hi-fi  Ghetto SoundTrack.mp3
play hi-fi  GhettoDragon's New Beat.mp3
play hi-fi  Give it to you.mp3
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Astronomical at what I do,Makin ya bob ya heads. Im from Milwaukee,Wisconsin where it aint all apples and oranges.Ive been into hip hop since the start and its my heart so I got its back and when so many lames out here who would leave you starving.Im about to feed YOU what you been waiting for. ******GHETTO'S IN THE BUILDIN'!!!!********
Why this name?
Its like this,the whole world got a Ghetto,and Im a Dragon like Bruce Lee(Str8 ta the point).
I kicks mega-tron AZZ in beat graphing and sound FX.Beat dont make me CUT you!!!!!
Do you play live?
I havent play in real-time in a long time.Kinda went out wit my Dr-660,and Fostex 4 track machine.Its all computers now,nah mean! Digital Inhancment and supreme sound quality.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
less uploading time more convenient and more accessible,and fantastic quality.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
In the '08 Im looking for an Adventure and maybe a Career in the music biz.Im willing to begin an Apprenticeship.If you see it in me holla back.
Band History:
The Astronomical Enigma wrapped in a Mystery and the hottest beat specialist yo ass ever heard!!!

Your influences?
Rza,Gza,Ghostface,Chef,Meth,U-God,Inspectah deck,The Masta,Dirt Mcgirt~R.I.P~, Marvin Gaye,Stevie Wonder,Africa Bambatta and the soul sonic force,all the old school hip hop(paved the way)Jam Master J(R.I.P)Prince,James Brown,Micheal Jackson,Quicy Jones,J.Dupree,DR.Dre,(R.I.P)The Late ERIC WRIGHT,Dj.Pooh,<(Homie need ta come out wit some new shit),Ray Charles,Rick James,Roger Troutman,"Buff" from the Fat Boyz(R.I.P) and crew,Eric B. and Rakim(boombox on shoulders wit that OG shit),Miles Davis,Louis Armstrong.....
Favorite spot?
FIRE CHAMBER and BuckCity(Milwaukee,Wisconsin)
Equipment used:
Fruity Loops3 and FL STudio4
If anybody have access ta some new exciting instrument I can upload ta my Friuty Loops let me know got ta be from some "NEW Stuff"!!??Thankx
Anything else...?
I appreciate all my fans ,*SoundClick* ,for keeping sh*** jumpin off the hook cuz its a lot of Great Talent gathered in 1 big community.It really helps the Hip Hop Culture,and the other genre's get heard. "God be wit YOU"
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