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NEWS   The second cd from Over, 'The Future is Over' will be released in April of 2003!
Gummy Beatz
Words Into Action (JoynerLucas Type) (J-Rum x GB)
Mid West
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play hi-fi  Waiting to be God
play hi-fi  Buried
Dark electonic pop goth duo.
Why this name?
Over means so many things, for instance 'done' (which is our cynicism for the music industry shining through), 'above' (signifying our desire to avoid the fray and chaos of life) as in 'crossed over' (our understanding that our music has made a huge leap personally), 'backside' (representing the multiplicity of everyone).
Do you play live?
We tour regularly. Although the band is solid in the studio, we really shine live, it's just the two of us, but it's still vibrant and energetic, both of us singing, oftentimes both of us playing very heavy guitars or flooding the senses with multiple synths. And our live shows are a celebration of the audience as much as the band, we like to be part of the party not the center of it.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet is a worldwide listnening post for all music lovers (who have access) and this really offers up the opportunity for unknown, or unsigned, or independent, or niche genre acts to find an audience. The music we play has never really been embraced by the industry as a whole although there's an entire subculture revolving around the music. The internet and mp3's allow for the fans to find the music of their choice, they're no longer bound to the radio stations or mtv to seek out their musical enjoyment.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
The possibility is there, but the preference would be an independent label that supports their acts and has major distribution.
Band History:
Alexander Ashenden and N.R.K met in a chance encounter in New Orleans. Ash convinced N.R.K. (a drummer at the time) to leave the band he was in and join Alex's. N.R.K. moved to Colorado to attend school at Colorado College and Ash came along for the ride. Rather than forming another standard bass/drums/guitar/vox based band, they indulged in electronic gear that allows them to create and play the music themselves.
Your influences?
Bauhaus, Sisters of Mercy, The Smiths, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, and a ton of electronic music.
Favorite spot?
N.R.K. - Paris
Ashenden - The Desert
Equipment used:
Lots of machines and computer based sound creators.
Anything else...?
Music is the most noble of all the arts. It's a universal language that transcends cultural bias, whether in Africa or Asia or North America, music is prevalent in every culture known to man, and regardless of what the music is, all humans can relate on some level.
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