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RAYANG is a composer.
He his autodidact on guitar, vocals,
keyboard, bass and computer.
Band History:
In 1995 RAYANG devoted his life to music. His
enthusiasm and love for music inspired RAYANG
to write songs and create sounds. In 1996,
RAYANG started a 3-month tour through Italy
as a street musician. This tour was the best
opportunity for RAYANG to learn playing music
in front of an audience. After the tour RAYANG
founded a band called TIMEHOLE. After the break
of the band in 1998 RAYANG started to work with
2 bands as a lead-vocalist, at least for one year.
In 1999 RAYANG started his solo project, writing
and recording songs in his own little homestudio.
2002 was the year of birth for the band RAYANG,
named for him. 2004 after the end of the band
RAYANG is working on new songs and sounds.
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