Karen Leslie Hall
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play hi-fi  Walkabout
play hi-fi  Sing Me To Sleep
play hi-fi  Too Soon For Love Songs
play hi-fi  So What Else Is New?
play hi-fi  Uphill In The Snow
play hi-fi  This Is Our Last Goodbye
play hi-fi  Look Me In The Eye
play hi-fi  I Think Of You Always
play hi-fi  Water Baby
play hi-fi  Today I Danced With Angelfish
Karen is an engaging and charismatic performer. Her original songs are melodic and sensitive, with carefully crafted lyrics and richly textured guitar arrangements. Her distinctive style of guitar-playing often features unusual chords and non-standard tunings, in intricate picking patterns or rhythmical, more aggressive playing.

"Do yourself a favor, and listen to the music of Karen Leslie Hall." - Rick Fielding, host of CIUT Radio's "Acoustic Workshop"

"It's a rare thing to discover a songwriter who can blend such a great sense of melody, intelligent lyrics, and stellar guitar playing." - Don Ross

"Karen has a wonderful voice and a fresh, invigorating songwriting style. Given the right kind of exposure, she should become a major musical force." - Dan Hill
Your influences?
Joni Mitchell, Bruce Cockburn, Gordon Lightfoot