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Drumline aka J-Rich out of the east bay of california, been producing for 2 years and rappin for 5. never thought id take it anywhere but ive performed shows at bars and whatnot, never had a mastered version of my lyrics on my own beats, they are for sale, and for sale outside of sound click for cheaper just email me, otherwise please help a artist out im not a rapper about b1tches and my cars and stuff im a master of ceremonies so help me help you!
Why this name?
Drumline cause of the bass and drumlines, j-rich cause i take off on people like jason richardson.
Do you play live?
have not recently, in the bay area, its alright
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
lets you share and find your taste of music on the global scale
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
for rapping yes, im only tryin to get some sales on here for college tuition.
Band History:
rap with a group called "the fence" aka the technicalihicons (techni-cali-high-cons) group of friends that just lay it down on the mic, including my boy young deezy, and GDK, but this is my seperate production website.
Your influences?
lyrically-canibus, scarface, immortal technique, luminati, bone thugs n harmony, JMT, AOTP,

production wise- DJ Paul, micheal 5000 watts, any slappin beat..
Favorite spot?
in the heart of the bay, Oakland and Frisco
Equipment used:
computer, midi keyboard, mastered 2.0.