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NEWS   EMPIRE MUSIC AND MEDIA is producing lots of nu hit traxx from POET with collabs and tracks from other affiates feat POET
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play hi-fi  carefree - knucklehead blvd ft DC
play hi-fi  designer ft slo moe & wreckin ralph
play hi-fi  Grab Your Composure **Chaseboy, Abe, and Aris**
play hi-fi  slo moe no games (pills and potion remix) ft H2
play hi-fi  baduh - POET
play hi-fi  Slo Moe - Murder
play hi-fi  Blazed Up - POET
play hi-fi  shake it - J MILL
play hi-fi  On demand - D Kane **infame Ous Beats**
EMP was originally established as mainly an artist management company, then became fully an incorporation in 2006. Known for hard work, original music, well booked multi-genre shows, as well as the seasoned production of CEO / Founder Daniel Evans.

In March of 2007 is when we expanded our horizons of music to include hip hop production and beat production. It was at that time when we became affiliated with fellow CEO and aspiring young man in the local music business scene, Chase Keller. For the next year and a half the two managed to pull off successfull shows all over Texas mainly, but some road trips have been necessary as well. Currently the studio is a revolving door for many kinds of music, whatever has spirit, passion, talent, and creativity we don't close the door on. Since most of the newer recordings are hip hop genre, that's what most of the page is. In the past several months alone EMP studios has produced Chase Boy's "Dolly Drama 2" which is his 3rd full length studio album to our credit.

Music is very much in our hearts here at EMP and therefore it's a life's journey to enjoy what we do and while getting as far along as we can get in the industry, to also Affiliate with other Underground or Indie labels so that we can together attain the most successful path possible. stay tuned for more
Why this name?
we're growing into an EMPIRE baby
Do you play live?
All over san marcos...austin...sananton....wherever tha callin be
4.24.14 POET live
in muh j's
another poet
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