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play hi-fi  Condition, He said
play hi-fi  Up and Doing, Comes Agonies
play hi-fi  Others But These
play hi-fi  Part and Disorder
play hi-fi  Light the Sky with Fire in Your Eyes
play hi-fi  Dilligence
play hi-fi  All That is Right Must Come to an End
play hi-fi  1. StumbleStopRepeat- Artist In Need (Hoozah)
play hi-fi  2. StumbleStopRepeat- Sell Your Soul
play hi-fi  3.StumbleStopRepeat-Night TerrorPt1-Jazzy the Frog
I play and record rock, ranging from psycadelic to death metal.

Sounds like Rebecca Black
Why this name?
Its just a spastic name I thought of at the time
Do you play live?
Yes, philly
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Depends on the contract
Band History:
Day One: Me jamming.
2007: Me jamming with a recorder.
2008: Me jamming on a 7 string with a recorder
2009: ....
2010: .....
2011: ......
Your influences?
Dream Theater, Meshuggah, Sikth, Buckethead, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Paul Gilbert, Mars Volta, DEATH, Opeth, Slayer, Rage Against the Machine, Porcupine Tree, & Scott Walker
Favorite spot?
Behind you.
Equipment used:
Ibanez ICX220 Guitar, Ibanez RG7620, Line 6 Toneport UX1 Recorder, Douglas WEB 6-string bass
Anything else...?
ROCK ON!!!!!!! \m/
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