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Basic mp3 Lease $24.95 | Premium WAV Lease $34.95 | Premium Trackout WAV Lease $94.95 | contact for exclusive rights Email: Website: BUY 1 GET 2 FREE ON ALL BEATS!
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What's up, this ya boy Nobi. Thanks for takin some time to peep my page out. I'm a producer/graphic designer out of Baltimore Maryland. I just love to create, no matter what it is: Music, graphics, finger paints, it doesnt matter. My music is a unique mix of a few differen't genres. I like to do the whole crunk thing, but throw in some realistic musical qualities, nah mean. I'm so sick of hearin the same bass line over the same annoying 3 step melody, so I decided to take it in my own hands to do things a lil different. My artwork is some top notch shit, I been messin with graphics longer than I have been makin music. You can see the same creative energy in anything that I do, I commit myself to giving nothing but my all in everything I touch.


My tracks are a blend of down south, east coast, and bmore club all wrapped into one. Feel free to peep em out, and scroll below and check out my links to my other music pages. Hit me up at or on here through a myspace message for some more info on how to purchase some instrumentals or, possible hook up on some collab ish and what not.

Beat Prices

Leases start at $25, and I do deals so it's better if you grab 3 or 4 of em at a time.

Exclusive rights range on the overall hotness of the track, ofcourse. But they usually run you about $80. I do this sh*** for the love so you can feel it in everything I do.

Customs cost just as much as my exclusive rights do, so if you feelin my sound but want me to do something special for you just hollar at me.


I also offer graphic design for every type of project imaginable, CD Artwork, Logo design, Website design, Myspace layouts, Merchandise, you name it. I promise top quality work for the absolute cheapest price possible. You wont find work of this quality anywhere else for the same price, believe me. Check over to the left for some examples of my work.

Graphic Prices

Website design is $55 for a full page, you can't beat that. That includes 4-5 pages, a forum, a music page, and a shopping cart.

Logo design is $50. You will recieve a hi res version of your logo for use on any media, (T-shirts, album cover, sh*** maybe even a Billboard)

CD Artwork starts at $75 for a basic cd layout, (CD Cover, 1 page insert, CD label, and back of CD artwork). Any other extras such as booklet design and tray design can be added on for a small fee.

Any other type of design you need just get at me, we can work something out that will work for both of us.


AOL Insant Messenger: Six65Point9

Myspace message: Get at me!


Feel free to contact me any time. Be sure to include what type of service you need from me, and info on your project, or just hit me up if you tryin to kick it with me. I look forward to hearin from you!
Why this name?
I'm Nobi, and this is my productions. Get it?
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