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Tofuik is an Idea, its a combination of influences ranging from industrial, swing, funk, rock, electronic, and even blues. Its a mash up of sonic mediums. It jumps from ear to ear trying to find its way in to your mind to open you up to sonic realms of joy, wonder, and sorrow.

Its driven by the hope that I can make a song, musical or not, that will make a difference in someone's life, maybe even encourage them to do like I did and pick up music, not for fame, fans, or money, but for themselves.
Why this name?
It had to have tofu in it... so I added the ik to make it original.
Do you play live?
there was this one time with this gameboy.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It makes it easier to get to the consumer.
Band History:
John Toepfer began playing music as in his earlier teens, but stuck with traditional instruments such as trumpet, baritone, and trombone. Years later He picked up a bass guitar and dreamed of going the route of every rock musician. Finally in February of 2005, He was lead to something completely new to him, electronic music. Taking inspirations from Joy Electric, Daft Punk, and a handful of local DJs, Tofuik began as a minimalistic project covering bases from house to industrial. After a year it has just begun to kick off and Toepfer began getting other things to add in, a new program, and new computer, a synth, loads of software instruments, and other various hardware. Switching through a few phases and a few names he was finally lead back to what started it all, the idea that was Tofuik. It needed some refreshing so he got to work on developing a new sound and a new feel to things. By letting himself not stay in the norms of generally accepted music, and by doing what just felt right he got Tofuik to where it is now.
Your influences?
I focus on electronic soundscapes that can be very light in nature with realistic sounds or harsh with deep dark electronic sounds.
Favorite spot?
local coffee shops run by nice folks.
Equipment used:
Access Virus A, Ableton Live 5.2, M-Audio Trigger finger, Alesis Photon 25.