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Dirty South
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r i Z i n (In8)
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Hip Hop
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play hi-fi  Boogieman
play hi-fi  Declaration of Independance
play hi-fi  Enter the Snake
play hi-fi  From Dusk 'til Dawn
play hi-fi  Indigestion
play hi-fi  Moment Of Truth
play hi-fi  Poetry Of War
play hi-fi  Sacrifices
play hi-fi  Sky is Hi, Cloud is Low
play hi-fi  The Hunted
i smoke weed not ciggarettes, i drink rye not rum, i record my own shit, on other peoples beats (most of the time), i write it mix it i master it i record it, it sounds like a lot but really its not, its a hobby n im not too serious, i dont want to turn this passion into a money grubbing effort, i just want to entertain myself and others, and maybe enlighten few
Why this name?
by takin the resin from the end of a spliff thats left on your lip, and molding it with the smoke thats risen to the roof and lingers in the room
Do you play live?
not professionally no, never had the chance, though i never fought for it either
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
it makes it more accessible and rappers that used to put out an album every two years that sh*** hjust doesnt keep the people intersted anymore, these days rappers make a track n put it out that day, eventually major record labels would and should be obsolete!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
probably not, unless it was a good idea
Band History:
theres no band, just me n my homie with our in8 abilities
Your influences?
Everything i've ever heard has influenced me, even the artists i dont like, so i know what i dont wanna do withmy music, and what i want to do with my music..but more than anything 2pac, rza, and styles p
Favorite spot?
my crib, just moved on my own, finally got my own shit
Equipment used:
xml 2006 condensor mic, usb input