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The Anvils
NEWS   we will be performing in Pretoria on the 13th for the Miller Hiphop Experience sessiosn launch at State Theatre,

the 27th we will be in the eastern cape performign at the freedom day celebration event.
East Coast
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play hi-fi  Hooligans pt2
play hi-fi  Hooligans
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play hi-fi  Baby Slow Down
The Anvils are a duo from Cap City Rap City, aka Pretoria, the capital city of South Africa.

they have been making waves in the local music scene and have started building a fanbase thats very loyal to them.

they have been on numerous TV shows, Radio stations, and they have performed alongside some of SA's best hiphop artists and are continuing the grind.
Why this name?
The anvil is used to straighten irons out and also shape them by a blacksmith. thast what we are coming in this industry to do, to straighten sh*** out.
Do you play live?
the only live ish we play with are out mic's from time to time we might have a DJ but thats about it, the rest is just backing instruments on a cd.

we are LIVE
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
makes it easier for us to get exposure and be out there.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
yeah, if the money is righ and they dont want us to get out of our Roach INC fam, yeah, lets get this money
Band History:
Artist Biography - The Anvils (Mcbeth and N-veigh)

Imagine a perfect blend of Punchlines, Metaphors and unsurpassed song writing skills over grimy, sometimes Jazzy beats blended all together. That Concoction right there best represents what the sick DUO from PTA is notoriously known for.

You may ask, who this Duo is, well its The Anvils. They are a group made up of two MC’s, i.e. N-Veigh and Mcbeth. These MC’s have been signed to Roach INC Entertainment mainly due to their lyrical prowess, passion for Hip-hop that shows through their live performances, and the belief that they could just be what the PTA and arguably the South African hip-hop scene needs right now, with the right support behind them.

Through Roach INC’s involvement they are fast becoming the talk of PTA and Gauteng as well.

They have been featured on e-TV’s hip-hop show called the Shiznizz in March ’06.

N-veigh took part in the Master’s of Rhythm competition, which was held in Benmore College in March ‘06. He went on to win the freestyle / battle competition, which earned him more respect as an MC.

N-veigh also was featured on Y-fm’s Rap Activity Jam and won for the evening, but could not go on to battle for the month end prize because of some unforeseen family circumstances.

Mcbeth’s solo track, Cheers made it into the Hype Sessions volume 6 and got good reviews from the Hype magazine.

The very same track was also on Metro fm’s Rhyme and Reason show’s top 10 local tracks, hosted by T-Bo touch, since the 6th of May 2006, for about 3 weeks.

The Anvils apart from performing at most of the State Theatre and other Roach INC organized events, they have also performed at the RAND EASTER SHOW on April ‘06.

They have performed alongside the prominent artists such as Proverb, Prokid, Optical illusion, Slikour, and many more during their performances at State Theatre in PTA.

They have just dropped their much anticipated EP called INDEPENDENCE DAY and is produced by Some of SA's most prominent producers, such as Nyambz, Mizi, Grasroots Stars, Thir[13]teen and they have tracks featuring PROVERB, Reason, Damola and Black Les.

From the Independence Day, their first single, Hooligans, has been featured on Hype Sessions volume 11.

In October, the N-veigh also took part in the Niknaks MC Search competition and has gone on to win the competition and has walked away with R30 000. Since then, they have been interviewed on Metro Fm’s afternoon drive show, by Glenzito, and also on iKhozi fm’s afternoon drive show by Mzekeke amongst other interviews and publicity related activities.

Also, early December, N-veigh will be featuring on Shiznizz's MC freestyle show, as the host for that episode as he won the most number of votes when he was featured with other MC’s previously.

They have also supported Optical Illusion, in their PTA part of their SA Tour, at SA State theatre on the 27th of October. On the 1st of December they will be main supporting acts for Zubz, the last letter, when he launches his album at the SA State Theatre.

Articles on hype magazine, Issue 11 and 12, have posed as models for hype magazine issue 12, have been on y-fm’s Da Joint remix to perform live in December 06 2006.

This Duo is bringing something fresh to the SA Hip-hop scene and a very well balanced E.P as their official introduction to underground and mainstream hip-hop. Quoting two lines that possibly would answer some questions that people might have in their minds, Mcbeth goes on to say “We are here now, don’t even ask what took us so long, just pay attention”, and attention is what they will be grabbing with the E.P – Independence Day, lets celebrate being independent artists……..

Within a week they have managed to sell 200 copies hand to hand, and plans are in place to have two of Hip-Hop Joint’s stores in Pretoria stock the E.P, with JHB distribution being held down by amakipkip.com (Rosebank opposite y-fm studios) and The Munk Concept Store (Newtown).
Your influences?
Any and everything musical
Favorite spot?
Cap City
Equipment used:
Mic's, they dont call us hooligans with da mics in hand for nothing
Anything else...?
catch us on www.hiphopcrack.com/roach

also our reviews are on www.ventilation.co.za, www.hypemagazine.co.za and a host of ther websites.
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