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Very to the point and no BS about it......all I say are facts....unlocking what most would leave shut out of convenience .........well we don't live in a convenient time and someone needs to open up some sleeping eyes around seeing things my won't be able to help it after you do the first time.........real recognize real life....
Why this name?
because a laser is a precise beam of concentrated must be perfect and exact to that's what I do........
Do you play live?
When I can.....used to alot.......played in Atlanta once....... opened up for Afro man in Johnson City Tenn..
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
It get's people herd quicker and makes the competition thicker....but it's a doorway always open if the right eyes are watching........and album sales........"if we build it, they will come".....
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
under the right conditions yes....
Your influences?
wu-tang, nice-n-smooth, das efx, led zeppelin, pink floyd, the who, onyx, gangstarr, group home, bob marley, sublime, channel live, heltah skeltah, guns-n-roses and recently MF DOOM........
Favorite spot?
Asheville NC
Equipment used:
a MXL condenser mic.....a sample program called d-rumbah with real drum kits, the yamaha djx-2 keybord......and acid sound forge 4.0
Anything else...?
people need to wake up and take the block off of their head that they wear everyday........realize what's really going on and show me some realism..
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