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Kasper From The K
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Welcome to Kasper from KY's Official Soundclick!

Kasper was born in Henderson, KY on November 12, 1982. Kasper’s real name is Tim Hoggard, but at a very young age his uncle started calling him Kasper and it remains with him today. Kasper was raised in Henderson in an underprivileged family and grew up very active in sports and competition. His childhood background inspires a lot of his music and gives him the foundation to express the thoughts and feelings of many people who face hard times and less opportunity. One of the special characteristics of Kasper is that although he was raised on the tougher side of life where it is very easy to circumstantially adopt bad morals and ethics, he exudes a very positive and friendly vibe that everyone loves.

Kasper has been rapping underground for the past nine years. In 2003 he entered a Sony Playstation battle contest in Panama City and knocked off 6 contestants to win the battle. He then continued to rap and freestyle every chance he could and his talents were noticed by 3H Music, LLC, which was founded by Brenan Hall and Joel Hopper. Hopper was a producer for the group Nappy Roots and originally Kasper began writing to beats supplied by Hopper and recording in Bowling Green, KY. Soon after Hopper moved his operations to Louisville and all of the recording and production has been in Louisville, KY.

Once Kasper had the support financially and production wise, he began writing to some better beats and this is when his talents started to blossom. Kasper had up until that time written songs and then tried to make them fit a beat. Once he started getting good beats and writing to the beats, he started to make great music and this has progressed over the past 2 years to what is now an unmistakably high level. In this time period he has been noticed by Nappy Roots and recorded several songs with them as well as performed with them. He has became a local star in the Henderson, Evansville area and noticed by all of the artists in Louisville as an emerging star. His song, “Shake It Down” has been the number 1 song on Kiss FM 106.1 for since in was first played by the station in early February 2007. His song, “Kwad Up” has also been at the top of the charts since early February. He gets calls nearly everyday from people who want him to do shows and events. He was recently asked to be the headline performance at Thunder in Evansville this summer, which is a huge event sponsored by Pepsi and all the local radio stations. This event usually brings in national talent.

One of Kasper’s biggest assets is his ability to create many types of music. He has appeal in the ghetto as well as the pop charts. He recently recorded a song called “Kwad Up” for the professional ATV motocross riders and it has became a huge hit. Several of the big ATV magazines have called wanting feature articles and tons of pro riders are running his song on their myspace pages. ESPN2 has recently expressed an interest in using the song for their extreme sports network. Several of the biggest film makers in the ATV industry have inquired about using the song or working with Kasper. ESPN has also expressed an interest in using one of Kasper’s songs called “Take It 2 the Hole” for its basketball programming.

Kasper’s body of work is extremely impressive and rare for an artist who has been recording professionally for just 2 years. His music is loved by kids and adults of all ages. His lyrically ability, swagger, diversification as an artist is undeniable and sure to make him a legend of the hip hop/rap game.
Why this name?
From Kentucky, Put yo K Signs Up!
Do you play live?
Wherever the world takes me
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Has greatly affected us, and made it easier to be recognized.
Favorite spot?
Rep Henderson!
Equipment used:
Pro Equipment
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