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play hi-fi  Axe-FX troubleshooting
play hi-fi  weak bass
play hi-fi  Crappy Rig Mic Test
play hi-fi  Against the Storm (Pending Fate)
play hi-fi  Don of the Slums
play hi-fi  SID Test
play hi-fi  Maudlin Commination
play hi-fi  Forest Temple
play hi-fi  Gerudo Valley
play hi-fi  Cheez
Murder Machine is a solo effort. I play guitar and bass by trade, but I'm trying to get better with computer based music production. As I get better guitar and bass equipment and the necessary tools, I'll be starting to record songs. Until then, this is where I'll put test files I make as I try new plugins and get more familiar with what I have. More can be found at the following sites:
Equipment used:
Fruity Loops and an array of plugins. Pictures of most of my guitar gear can be found here.
Anything else...?
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