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Harvest 1974
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Acoustic Rock/ Electric Guitars - This is one early Jesus rock band that should not be forgotten. Harvest 1974 was Bill Stanton, Mike Babcox, Dave Keller and Rick Roman.
Harvest 1974 helped pave the way for the freedom we have in Christian Music today.
Why this name?
Rick- If I can remember right it was because we had a burden to bring souls into the kingdom of God.
Do you play live?
We played a lot of places and gave our testimonies.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
Should of had this back then.
Band History:
According to Dave Keller’s perspective.
This is a compilation of Harvest during their all too brief existence. The original band was comprised of Mike Babcox,, Mark Durante, Dave Keller, and Rick Roman. It was a band that formed of members from several pre - fundamentalist Christian rock bands as a result of the well-documented “Jesus Movement” of the late 1960’s through the 1970’s when a vast number of the 1960’s “hippies” got religion.

The songs were collaborations of mostly ideas fostered/written by Mike Babcox, although other members of the band made individual contributions. The arrangements themselves were completely a collaboration.

Only one of the original members gained rock and roll notoriety … Mark Durante (REVCO, Slammin’ Watusis, KMFDM, The Waco Brothers, Durantula). The other original members have participated in other music projects to this present day.

There were other iterations of the band … most notably was when Mark Durante left the group and they moved from folk/acoustic style (as heard mostly on this compilation) to electric/rock instrumentation with the addition of drummer Bill Stanton. After Dave Keller’s departure a female singer, Bonnie Damitz, was added to the line-up before the group disbanded completely.

According to Rick Roman's perspective.
Harvest 1974 was: Bill Stanton: Drums Lead Guitar, Piano and Vocal,
Mike Babcox: Rhythm Guitar and Vocal,
Dave Keller: Lead Guitar, Piano and Vocal,
Rick Roman: Bass and Vocal.

These were the members who played on their 45rpm and these songs are still a blessing. They played many live concerts and they all gave testimony of how they came to the Lord. There were also different members at different times, these members were Mark Durante, Paul Anton, and Bonnie. Harvest was a casualty of spiritual war but their music still lives on.

These are the only two tunes we have for this group. If anybody out there have any of their concerts on tape or if any of the previous members have anything to add it would be much appreciated.

Rick Roman is the only one we know still playing music, if interested he can be found at:
Or in Search: Paste in
“Christian Raw Dog”
“Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine”
To hear the music Rick is playing now.

Your influences?
All 4 of us came from different backgrounds of music. At that time because we were all young in the Lord it was The Cream, Jimmy Hendrix, Grand Funk, Three Dog Night, Beatles, Exc. The big influences of the day.
Equipment used:
For Harvest, anything we could get our hands on.
Anything else...?
Roman Recordings - Our Purpose
To glorify the Lord and His Word in our music.
Music was created by the Lord for His Word and His Word fits perfectly into it.
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Harvest 1974 (Early Jesus Rock Band)

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