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Spence Hayden
NEWS   Hey Y'all! Take a look at what's going on at the studio! ANA Record Management, Bruce Allen Music, Hayden Studios? Keith Bryant, Lindsey Earl and RB Stone. New art work on our hayden site! You name it!!
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play hi-fi  Blue Moon of Kentucky by Lindsey Earl
Hi. My name is Spence Hayden. I'm a keyboard player and guitarist/vocalist. I have played with too many bands to count from all over the country! One of my favorites was touring with Keith Bryant & Ironhorse and working for Bruce Allen Music out of Nashville, Tn. My wife Joy and I live with two of our children near Las Vegas and currently work with Bruce Allen Music,, ANA Record Management, Nashville and make one-of-a-kind fine art sculpture, jewelry and pottery. Please visit us at: &

Currently, we are promoting or pushing three artists plus two of our rocker kids, which is a plenty! Of course,
Keith Bryant &
Lindsey Earl &
R.B Stone &
Kirsten Hayden: She is one heck of a singer and is currently work in progress
"Ace" Adrian Hayden or Illusive Dream @
Look for a new Cd sometime late Summer
Please take a look!
Why this name?
It's the name I have gone by for many years
Do you play live?
Yes. I play live with as many as 8+ bands at any given time. I don't like committing to one band. Joy and I are putting most of our energy into a little fireball from the White Mountains of Az. Miss Lindsey Earl. The old On Target Boys are who I play with primarily. We are currently perfoming in and around the Las Vegas area. See Ya @ Paddy's pub on St Patricks Day and Saddle West on the 31st!
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
The internet has revolutionized everything!
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Not decided. Right now, my focus is on helping along the career of Miss Lindsey Earl
Band History:
Gosh! My personal and band history goes from 1968 to present. All I can say is: I have had a ball! Now it's time to work on our kids careers
Your influences?
Duke Ellington, Floyd Cramer, J.S Bach, Alman Bros, Albert Einstein
Favorite spot?
Equipment used:
Kursweil, Fender, Martin, Gibson, Ensoniq, Techiniqs, Yamaha
Anything else...?
I'm still potting away when not playing. Be sure to check our new artwork comming soon and our new fine art gallery in Taylor, Az. ! Go Lindsey!!!!!!

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