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I started creating music in early 90-ties using my Commodore C64 computer and an excellent program named Voicetracker. Then there was an era of PC, DOS and Fasttracker II. I have composed several XM modules, mostly "tracker-style" music. In 1998 I have bought my first "real" synth - the old Yamaha DX7II-FD. Then, I have got Korg DW6000 - old analog machine, quite limited, but capable of very nice sounds. Since 1999, I'm moving more and more into software synthesis and now my studio consists of PC and several programs (Orion Platinum and VirSyn TERA among them).

I have created my first record, "Turbulence", in 1999. It was more experiment than real music. I was just toying with my synthesisers. Second record, "Aoi Umi", was created entirely with Orion. It remains me a trip to Florida - 17 minutes of strong rhythms lead from Pensacola to Key West. My third record, "Caterpillar", was created in 2001. It is almost easy-listening electronic music, a few Jarresque pieces. The "Mesophyll Trip" is my favourite so far. My last record, "Desert Wanderer", was born in early 2002. More ambient than the previous music, these songs consist of sharp metallic sounds, strange noises and variable rhythms.

These days I am moving into "Berlin-school" style (e.g. old Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze). And my new music is on the way...
Why this name?
Delirium caused by decibels... or vice versa.
Your influences?
Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Mark Shreeve, JM Jarre, Software, Neuronium... among many others.
Equipment used:
Orion Platinum, VirSyn TERA, Korg Electribes, Yamaha DX7IIFD.