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Binghamton NY's horror gothic metalers celebrate their tenth year anniversary with a little Halloween treat. The band plays some of their fan favorites in this special with live performances and classic folklore horror stories as told and read by Jo
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"Blood Sample" 2010


"Blame it on the Boogie" 2010

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Others / The Murdersquad t.o. Split E.P. "Descent Intio Darkness" 2009

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Feating Mistress Jessica - Remastered, 21 songs

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Why this name?
We really couldn't think of a name because our sound was so different and really dosn't fit in with any singular catagory.
Do you play live?
Yes we do play live, mostly in the southern N.Y. / northern Pa. and the North East. We all enjoy playing out, It is when we are at our best and it just comes naturally. Nothing beats the energy of playing live.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
More bands get to have their music listened to by a larger audience, access to more press, fans etc... but on the downside the market is saturated and it's much harder to control the product as far as most bands get screwed by their labels and now the fans get to join in on all the fun.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
if the offer was to good to refuse.
Band History:
How the nightmare Started
Birthed unto the world in the year of 2002, Others have risen above the fray to conquer the local music scene in Binghamton N.Y.. Fueled by the words and music of Mark Dickinson ( M.@.D. - Abalienation, Bloodsuckingfreaks ). Others amassed a quick following by releasing the 7-song EP (OUT OF PRINT) in august of 2002 and were soon highly requested on the regional hard rock station 92.5 WKGB FM and have also appeared 7 times on the weekly Metal show "The Meltdown". Others have appeared on Ithaca's "The Last Exit Radio Show" and are constantly played and requested. The EP was played nightly before the showing of Rob Zombie’s "House Of 1000 Corpses" at the local movie house, Art Theatre. "House Of 1000 Corpses" ran for one month. Accustomed to performing on the road, Others have taken their horror show around the southern N.Y. / Northern Pa. Area and the north east to an overwhelming response.

Others have currently released their first full-length album "Garden of Rage" and completed their first tour. "Garden of Rage" was Recorded at Mansion Audio, produced by Jeff DaBella ( Autopilot Off, Yolk, Planet Hell ), co-produced by Mark Dickinson. The album contains 15 tracks of bone crushing terror. Influenced by Mark’s love of horror movies and man’s inhumanity. "Garden of Rage" will defiantly raise some heads if not just the dead. Also the band has completed their first video "Not a Word" for a soon to be released DVD.

Others have submitted the song "Beauty School Dropout" for the upcoming independent film release "Lube". "Lube" is a spoof of the Broadway / Film Hit "Grease". "Lube" is slated for a limited release in Canada for the fall of 2005. Others have been also selected for inclusion on the soundtrak to "Feed Desire". An independent Horror release from Axis Video. The film is due out 2005. The song "People" has been selected to appear on the World Horror Network Compilation due out in Febuary 2005. "Baby's Dead Stare" has been selected to appear on Bloody Mary Records Horror comp. due out in October 2004. Bloody Mary Records is based in Mexico. Also "I, Vampire?" has been selected to appear on GPLK INC.'s Heavy Music Compilation OUT NOW! Others have appeared on the Creepy Cat Productions Horror Rock Compilation "Release the Rats" (out now), Invikor Records release "War of the Tennie Boppers" compilationn (out now), Kid Antrum "Hard Rock / Alternative" compilation (out now). Others have released the first single from "Garden of Rage", "I, Vampire". The single is currently holding strong on soundclick.com’s Goth Rock charts. Remaing in the top 25 for the past 12 months. Experience the horror, feel the pain and face your darkest fears…

The fall of 2004 saw the departure of E.D.X..

Winter of 2005, Lady Bathory joined the ranks of "Others".

Summer 2005, Lady Bathory departs the band.

January 2007, Mistress Jesicca departs the band. Marquis takes over vocal duties.

Spring of 2007, E.D.X. & Lady Bathory tie the knot.

October 2007, Dano Voodie departs the band.

December 2007, J.R. Rotting joins the ranks.

Current Line up - Marquis - Guitar & Vocals, J.R. Rotting - Bass, Mr. Webb - Percussion.

Your influences?
Misfits, AFI, Danzig, Graves, Son of Sam
Type o Negative, Horror movies, Vampires
the darker side of life, black humor, man's inhumanity towards man...
Favorite spot?
October in the graveyard on a fullmoon with a light fog and a slight chill in the air, somthing about the calmness and the smell just relaxes me.
Anything else...?
Visit our web site for up to date info, pics, music and more at http://www.myspace.com/others

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