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Searching - Ong Namo
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This captivating music video is the filmed inspiration by Carlos de Cozar of the devotional song 'Searching - Ong Namo' from the album 'Celestial - Sirisat' which is included in this shorter version in the popular album 'Mantra Chill Out'.
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Sirisat / Julia Claire has recorded her latest song compositions with producer - arranger musician & drummer Carles Reig published on his own record label Ohm Spirit Sound..

Her wide experience as a vocalist & dancer has taken her through an adventurous journey publishing many hit dance / pop records, since the late eighties performing worldwide & on TV with her own band & dancers.

Through her spiritual discovery as a yoga teacher & therapist over the last 15 years she currently records & performs music inspired by her lifestyle through healing & meditation.

Her first solo mantra album"Celestial"presents her devotional songs inspired by the Mantras of Yoga with atmospheric ambient rythms
created through the expert production & arrangements by Carles, having been described as "a perfect carpet for her beautiful voice".

"Mantra Chill Out" is a more popular version for a wider audience with radio versions of the same songs & extra tracks by Carles Reig with mystic & melodic delivery...

Sirisat`s voice & music are described by many as angelic, uplifting, energizing, healing, peaceful & blissful...a journey for the senses.
Why this name?

Sirisat is the spiritual name, given to Julia Claire 15 years ago by the Master Yogi Bhajan meaning "The manifested Greatest Truth". These sounds come from the sacred Sanskrit language of Mantra, positive, powerful healing vibrations.

"Meditating on your spiritual name you will understand your life´s purpose"...
Do you play live?
Sirisat performs live with Carles Reig on drums & percussion, guest musicians & dancers.

She also teaches workshops of Yoga, Reiki & her own tecnique of Dance Meditation inspired & accompanied by her mantra music.
SiriSat currently works with fellow healing therapists - musicians singing mantras & playing the crystal quartz bowls in her latest concerts.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Sirisat / Julia Claire was released from her last major record label of dance music in order to join Carles Reig editing her own songs as an independent artist on his record label Ohm Spirit Sound.

They are presently negotiating licensing & distruibution worldwide & welcome any offers of major record labels interested in their productions.
Band History:
Sirisat & Carles Reig first collaborated together in 1997 on the classic new age album Terra "Natura" now re-edited by Ohm Spirit Sound.
In 1998 they recorded "Celtic Dreams" and
made several video clips of the album "Natura" for television.

Their latest albums currently on promotion are "Celestial" by Sirisat & "Mantra Chill Out" by Ohm Spirit Sound.

The music video of "Searching - Ong Namo" featured in both albums has been recently released in March 2007, & is now featured internationally.

Sirisat / Julia Claire sings lead & backing vocals with her musical composition, lyrics, piano, keyboards & guitar.

Carles Reig; Production, arrangements, keyboards, drum programming, percussion & flute.

Guest musicians feature Ernesto Briceño on violin, "Batio" on cello & Pep Rius on acoustic & electric guitars.
Mixing by DJ Rod Boyd.
Digital Mastering by Andreu Ferrer.
Your influences?
Ambient, electronica, chill out, new age, devotional music, sacred texts, teachings & Oriental philosophy, experimental music, sound therapy, reiki, healing, meditation, yoga, peace, love, life...
Anything else...?
Sirisat´s devotional music creates a unique spiritual sanctuary of peace & joy through ambient chill rythms & melodic vocal delivery.
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