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Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra OSMOSIS
Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra OSMOSIS
OSMOSIS -'Python (More Snake)'
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The video of the new single from my new MP3-Album (available for FREE DOWNLOAD through MediaFire), 'The SPACEMAN Who WALKS Among US'. N-Joy the slinky FUNK!!

'Python (More Snake)'- OSMOSIS
Lyrics and Music by Lawrence Wise
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Hello. Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra/OSMOSIS is actually a One-Man Home Recording Project that has been my 'stress relief' (ha ha!), since about MAY, 1981. I'm from that first wave of DIY Cassette-Tapers ('analog'--and PROUD OF IT!). Hell, the majority of my material between '81 and '99 was done on the earliest large-model Casio Synthesizers (the MT-68, MT-400-V and MT-200), with a Yamaha thrown into the mix (on occasion).

Recently, I've started posting my material on the web (after transfering it from cassette-tape to digital disc, and then to MP3---a very hard process, considering the AGE of some of the tapes). It was in these past 2 1/2 years on the web that I discovered that, despite the ridicule you're going to get, there IS an Audience for your music--no matter how different it is.

I've been telling some of my friends and peers for years to NEVER get rid of ANY of their recordings, no matter how 'crappy' you were (of think you were), because having a 'Back Catalog' is a damn good thing. You MAY have been sitting on some GEMS, and not even know it.

And, when I discovered that a 21-year-old jam I posted on MySpace recently ROCKED a lot of folks as far away as SCOTLAND and AFRICA (!), I felt pumped. It means that this was a 'dream' that came thru in the end.

Why this name?
'Cosmic Funk' was thrust upon me by one of my school friends who heard my earliest stuff in '82. So, instead of just calling myself "Lawrence Wise"--no 'stage name', just the ONE on my Birth Certificate, simply because I'm PROUD of my music--I incorporated 'Cosmic Funk' into a 'bandname': Lawrence Wise And The Cosmic Funk Orchestra, even though it was (and still is, primarily) just one person--ME.

This brings me to the SECOND NAME: OSMOSIS (the name that's making HITS on MySpace!!). You see, a basic Cosmic Funk album-cassette was a mixed-bag: Lots of experimental stuff, instrumentals and some progressive themes. Also, there were those WILD AND CRAZY jams which I've usually made as 'cassette singles'. No 'concept', just funky, nasty grooves. (A little 'OFF-In-The-Noggin', too!!). In mid-'87, I came up with the name "OSMOSIS", which I 'defined' as 'change/transformation'. There was NO real OSMOSIS Cassette-Album until 1990 (something called "The FCC Can't Run With Us!!"), but the first NAMED 'OSMOSIS' track came about in Sept., 1989 (called "Shake What You Got, 'Cause Some Others Got Less!!")--off of a Cosmic Funk cassette-album called "Industrial Strength". The FIRST cassette single from that tape ("Secrets") is ALL Cosmic Funk--and a whole world away from the follow-up single.

Also, there's a FORMAT to an OSMOSIS 'album': 6 tracks, totaling at/near 35 minutes. WHAM!! BAM!! BOOM!! GET YOUR FUNK!! IN, OUT--DONE!!! (whereas a Cosmic Funk 'album' could have 50 minutes-Plus going for it, with 15/20-minute songs, like Pink Floyd would do.)

So, there's your name thing. Also, it's fun making 2 cassette-albums/cds per year (one from EACH project--each as different as night is from day).
Do you play live?
NO. It's always been mainly ME, so it was hard to get folks to play with me. I didn't want to just sing off of backing tracks--where would that leave the instrumentals? Also, since I've always been working 6 Days A Week (mainly at night!!), I just don't have the TIME to perform live, even if I could.

No Problem. I don't want to be a superstar; just write songs, make music and record and create.
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
OK--first, I was SCARED!! (Remember, I was doing Cassettes of original music on 2-tape decks before most of these 'children' were even born!!) My concern was 'quality'. Most of my cassettes were High-Bias (great quality for analog), but digital brings out certain things you wouldn't have noticed on your original recordings (like arrangements you've accidently 'buried' in the mix--at the best; annoying 'hiss', at the worst). Those things happen, but who cares--especially if your 'production' was decent enough.

Now, for the main advantage of MP3: INSTANT WORLDWIDE EXPOSURE!!!! Upload and BAM!! There You Are. No more lugging tapes (or 'independently pressed' 45's and albums) around, or fighting to get played on the radio. And, if you're generous enough to allow yourself to be downloaded, your exposure and audience just grows.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
No, I don't think so. I'm DIY/Indie, have always been, and damn proud of it. I don't need the rigormaroll! As an Indie, I do things on MY OWN Terms. My 'label imprint', STARCASE, is the same one I created in May of '81, and have used as a tradename ever since. I AM 'Starcase', and 'Starcase' is every tape I made.

Works for me.
Band History:
Most of all that info is in the ABOVE SECTIONS. Still, to reitterate:
The Cosmic Funk Orchestra/OSMOSIS is practically ALL ME. Of course, during a 17-month period between November 2005 and April 2008, under the OSMOSIS-Banner, I was a part of an amazing MySpace/Soundclick Cyber-Band, The DAILY DOSE OF FUNK (led by The FUNKASAURUS--Maurice Richmond).

Creatively, we've recently parted ways, but during the interim, the (at the time) 6 of us (The FUNKASAURUS, Myself-OSMOSIS, DragonFish KillSwitch, The BEATMASTER 1, GothaDelic and The Mofo ERECTUS) were literal monsters, making hits on BOTH MySpace and Soundclick left and right.

It was a great experience for me, and I wish my former 'bandmates' the best, as we ALL continue to FUNK THIS SUCKA!! WOOF!!!
Your influences?
George Clinton is my SUPER-HERO. But, I also have quite a few other influences in rock and jazz (real JAZZ, not this 'elevator music' called 'quiet-storm'/'smooth jazz'): Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan, Bradford Marsalis; Blues: Jimmy Reed, Clarence Carter, Muddy Waters; Pink Floyd, Kiss, Foreigner, Journey and Blue Oyster Cult, as far as Rock.
Favorite spot?
I usually hang out around Suncoast Video/FYE Video (you see, I have this 'terrible' ANIME ADDICTION that goes back all my life!! LOL!!! I just love Japanese Animation 2 death--especially where great Voice-Acting on the English Dub is involved!)
Equipment used:
Right now--with the exception of 'recycled' instrumental tapes, I've been using (much to my chagrin) sampled beats for the past two years--until I can get a NEW KEYBOARD. My original Casio Synths are still in great condition, but--sadly--sound awfully dated now (especially if I record directly on Digital Disc from them).
Anything else...?
Well, thanks to MySpace, I've been doing some serious collaborating--over the web; MP3-by-MP3--with some of my Profile Friends, and producing HITS!! (I've got one with The Funkasaurus right now, called "HUNG!!"). Also, outside of getting a newer keyboard, I'm going to be 'prolific' for the first time since '99.

What happened was, 'Life Took Over' after '97, so I had to slow down, but in '99, I simply STOPPED!! Never got rid of my tapes--just stopped and took care of some 'home business'. Didn't even get the internet until about 2003, and STILL learning it. But, after uploading for the first time, in 2005, I've sorta 'come back' with brand new recordings in MARCH of 2006--and haven't stopped.

So, expect more and more from me (both OLD and NEW!!).
By the way, you can also find me on TAGGED, whom we're hoping will put up a Music Page in the near future. But, until then: (my main 'Music Page'), or (just to socialize).

Check me out over there, too, ya'll!!
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