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NEWS   Will be performing live at the Anime Club's Spring Music Fest in Connecticut.
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play hi-fi  My Medicine
play hi-fi  Gravity - Acapella
play hi-fi  True Light- Duet
play hi-fi  Yakusoku
play hi-fi  Result
play hi-fi  Glamorous Sky
play hi-fi  Matteimasu
play hi-fi  Secret Sorrow
Hai Hai Hellie desu!
Hello my name is Hellie and I sing jpop music. I perform at local conventions and events.
Why this name?
My name Hellie comes from the name Michelle. Most people in my family have Michelle or Michael somewhere in their name and they are called Mickey or some variation, my best friend decided to use the last few letters of my name to give me the nickname Hells, which changed to Hells Bell, then to Hell Cat, then Hellie kitty to finaly Hellie.
Do you play live?
The first time I sang a jpop song live was 2 years ago at birthday party. I was very nurvous because some of my friends are Japanese and they would know if I messed up a line but it went off without a hitch and I've been hooked every since.
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
Your influences?
Utada Hikaru, Tsukushi Takahashi, Tamaki Nami, Hitomi Takahashi
Favorite spot?
Los Angeles
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