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Hi all :)
Welcome to "subunder".
My very own music
have fun , and if you want to say some to the sounds just give me a call
it´s a playground
Do you play live?
no , i only got two Hands..and to press the startbutton it won´t need a stage
How, do you think, does the internet (or mp3) change the music industry?
don´t care about the industry , it´s all about doing some creative and maybe make other people feel
Would you sign a record contract with a major label?
mh , hard question...nope
Band History:
well , it´s just me and Harvey ;)
I was making musik as a DJ for many years,
Tekno,Bigbeat,House...more , with 3 other friends.
4 Turntables,2 CD-Player and additional stuff.... funny noise.
Team was called "Sonde",made a lot of nice Partys and "Gigs"...
Djing wasn´t really it , so i decidet (nearly ;) to stop with it and lay my ear on my own musik...
slow progress , we´ll see :)
Your influences?
there are so much good guys out there...
kilamanjaro darkjazz ensemble,stars of the lid,labradford,ez3kiel,amon tobin,jaga jazzist,
kammerflimmer kollektief,hey-o-hansen,prince,bowie,yes,yello,jean michel jarre,harry belafonte
the legendary pink dots,james last,ozzy,young metallica,quicksand,mozart,arvo pärt,bonobo, name some
Favorite spot?
berlin so far
Anything else...?
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